Friday – Guatemala Volcano. Sat. – Mexico Quake Duplicates Thursday Slosh at Lake FUBAR


The Watchers – Guatemalan Santa Maria erupts, volcanic ash up to 7.6 km

Nevada – Study: 300 Earthquakes In Parker County Since December

“The progress report from the SMU North Texas Earthquake Study said the relation of the quakes to two nearby waste-water injection wells remains a major question. Preliminary locations for the earthquakes show them occurring within one to two kilometers of the well sites.”

Julie Dermansky – Louisiana Residents Still Evacuated Nearly Two Years After Salt Mine Collapse Caused Sinkhole

What’s down in the butane cavern while all this is going on? 
Let’s look . . .        – – –   The latest update is for May 4th



A new, big Mexico quake  causes a big slosh effect at Lake FUBAR as shown on LA10-03. And that’s from a quake on the Pacific side of Mexico. The volcano Friday is near an east-to-west fault that runs across to Puerto Rico. MAP.

M6.0 –  Tecpan de Galeana, Mexico

SEE ALSO – the FC blog (Baja-to-Arctic Circle quake line on Friday).

And – What’s Going On With These Huge Earthquakes?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .
This Baton Rouge weather report makes us wonder what a lot of rain runoff will do to Lake FUBAR.
Wet weather situation lingers until Saturday morning
and . . . (ikk!) Sewage backing up into Baton Rouge homes


LA12 grumbling still hasn’t stopped. Mostly all quiet on the other helicorders Sunday morning.


27 thoughts on “Friday – Guatemala Volcano. Sat. – Mexico Quake Duplicates Thursday Slosh at Lake FUBAR

      • yup. Think I will move us all to the boat, our 51 ft bug out location, a floating city with power/solar and 12.5 kw genset, 700 gal day watermaker and lots of stowage. We can sail over and pick u up if the S__t hits the fan. Dont think any emergency just will be nice to see if the DAs will stop if on water.

    • creepy … the jungle drums have gone silent.
      ANF map shows that one unusual small quake on the EAST side of Alaska in Yukon Territory. And S. Amer. Pacific coast quiet and Oceania quiet too.
      Too quiet.

  1. 4.7 eq Canada, heard a “boom” sound around noon so could be from this event (as did the dogs..MOM its MOTHERS DAY, stop this noise!). And the earths magnetic field looks a bit ‘loopy’..not bad, but loopy in pinks spreading out from the earth.

    • May 9th when we heard two booming sounds around noon, was also heard in Indiana and Fredericksburg, Virginia. Looking who heard booms noon today, May 11th as well.

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