To The Ramparts (Again)! Contact Your Rep. < UPDATED

An appeal from Save Lake Peigneur about Nat’l Resources Meeting in Baton Rouge WEDNESDAY:

Tomorrow at 9:30AM we will be heard at the House Natural Resource Committee.

YOUR voice is needed contacting the following Representatives that will hear us in committee.

We have been working with the company for appropriate wording that will protect our drinking water and the 4000 citizens that live around Lake Peigneur. We hope this time there will be no battlefield but an agreement that we both can accept.

At this moment Save Lake Peigneur, Inc. is satisfied with the compromise in the bill.

Please contact the following Representatives TODAY asking to vote YEA for SB 585 as amended.

Date – May 14, 2014 – 9:30 AM
Place – the Capitol – House Natural Resources Committee Room

Thank you,

Nara Crowley
Board of Directors,
Save Lake Peigneur, Inc.

House Natural Resource Committee:

Rep.Gordon Dove (Chair) 985-876-8823 larep052[ at ]

Rep. Bishop (Vice-Chair) 337-315-1661 bishops[ at ]

Rep. Armes III / 337-238-7004 / armesj[ at ]
Rep. Billiot / 504-436-8929 / billiotr[ at ]
Rep. Chaney / 318-728-5875 / chaneyb[ at ]
Rep. Connick / 504-371-0240 / connickp[ at ]
Rep. Foil / 225-342-6777 / foilf[ at ]
Rep. Garofalo / 504-278-6599 / garofalor[ at ]
Rep. Gisclair / 985-798-7757 / gisclairj[ at ]
Rep. Guinn / 337-824-0376 / guinnj[ at ]
Rep. Harrison / 800-935-2081 / harrisoj[ at ]
Rep. James / 225-925-4859 / james.ted[ at ]
Rep. Jones / 337-828-7778 / joness[ at ]
Rep. Lambert / 225-673-5048 / larep059[ at ]
Rep. Leopold / 504-393-5649 / leopoldc[ at ]
Rep. Montoucet / 337-783-2999 / montoucj[ at ]
Rep. Morris / 318-995-6852 / larep001[ at ]
Rep. Ortego / 337-886-4687 / ortegos[ at ]
Rep. Schexnayder / 225-473-6016 / schexnayderc[ at ]


UPDATE – Here’s what happened. From Save Lake Peigneur –

” Today, SB 585 moved from the House Natural Resources Committee because we  both made concessions. The bill still needs further discussion, but thanks  to Senator Mills, AGL Resources, and ourselves we may be able to reach an  end to our differences. Discussion and compromise is attainable if both parties are willing to work together.
 AGL Resources agreed to no permit will be issued until after January 31, 2016. We have agreed to studies by experts we mutually agree upon, that will utilize more current data and technology. We discussed having a more specific contractual agreement.”


One thought on “To The Ramparts (Again)! Contact Your Rep. < UPDATED

  1. Reblogged this on The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle and commented:


    Send your reps e-mail with
    “VOTE NO on SB469” in the subject line…
    to the Louisiana House of Representatives and “Kill the Retroactive Clause” – a reminder… The vote on SB469 is currently scheduled for next week. Time is of the essence for us to stand for and act.

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