Wed. helicorder hocus-pocus

LA10-03 konks out for hours

  LA10-02 shows a lot of activity after 4 p.m. today. LA12, LA17 etc. fuzz may be from work being done according to recent news from the parish blog.

On Nuke Fracking –


Related (1969) – Public Health Aspects of Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Explosives [PDF]



14 thoughts on “Wed. helicorder hocus-pocus

  1. M 3.1 – 6km WNW of Malden, Missouri

    DYFI? – I
    Time2014-05-15 10:44:58 UTC-05:00Location36.555°N 90.020°WDepth4.2km

  2. I watched that video on nuclear fracking last night. What a joke! They’re trying to con people into thinking nuclear fracking is cheaper, more precise, better quality than convensional methodes. Maybe is cheaper for the government because we have so much nuclear waste around this country needing disposal. WIPP is going to cause big, big problems and it’s not done yet.
    Flyingcuttlefish, I emailed you a link about the oil spill in LA, California a few hours ago. Knee deep oil in the street. Imagine if one of the many California brush fires catches that half mile oil spill.

  3. Many nuclear dirty-bombs have been fired in Iraq. About 80% of babies born in Fallujah hospitals are deformed. This scenario is right around the corner for US mothers, with WIPP, Hanford, and Fukushima lerking in the not so distant future. Deformed babies have already been born in Washington state, that I know of.
    Watch “Deformed babies in Fallujah Iraq” on YouTube
    Deformed babies in Fallujah Iraq:

    Baby with Anencephaly born in Fallujah General Ho…:

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