Weekend News


LA14 is on a bender!  Someone  lock the liquor cabinet!
Otherwise things are fairly calm at Lake FUBAR.

Texas Brine put out a  new ‘factsheet’ that explains (but not really) what’s going on with the helicorders and why they remain at Code 1 not matter what the seismic activity is.

Lake FUBAR trivia: The gas ‘fingerprint’ comparison studies are linked at the lower part of this page.

There was a big deadline for Texas Brine to come up with a new plan by April 30th in the tacked on amendment (#10) to the DNR emergency declaration. We just noticed it.


Maybe they got one up that we don’t know about.


LA14 got drunk again!



This has to stop!  LA12 has the grumbles  well before dawn (not work trucks etc.)

AFTERNOON UPDATE – LA14 shamelessly drunk!


We found a lot of science papers on underground storage from Sandia labs. We’ll add this link to the page about the Carlsbad WIPP disaster.

Dutchsinse has a post about all the US quakes this week with a map.

Salt cavern news (old) Numerous, Severe Geological Problems Identified At WIPP Site

” . . . WIPP is located in one of the world’s largest karstlands as evidenced by Carlsbad Caverns, ‘bottomless lakes’, appearing and disappearing rivers such as the Rio Negro, near Loving, sinkholes and many other regional geologic features. Here, streams of water run underground instead of above ground, dissolving the soft rock and old salt deposits as they flow, making the WIPP site an unsuitable location for permanent disposal of radioactive wastes.”


20 thoughts on “Weekend News

  1. Looks like real GLUBS of something. Anyone in the area see the water around teh sink hole? Is gas or oil coming up? Just curious as those events are really significant and SLOW. Saddly, Out of area, so no DA alerts to warn of..

  2. There’s the possibility of something ‘hinky’ happening at LA 12 @ 16:13:30 CDT ( 21:13:30 UTC ). It may just be a hitch, but it shows on LA 18 too.

    • Now unless they’ve been playing musical chairs with the helicorders again, then LA 18 should still be 100 meters to the north-west of LA 12.

      Which would put the ‘SNAP’ approx 100+ meters along the ‘old’ south berm.

      P.S. Don’t know if this is news to anybody yet, but googleearth is using the *NEW* images for the Bayou Corne area dated 18/3/2014.

    • do you notice a pattern here?
      at the end of every weekend, late at night usually something starts slipping around LA12, 14, or 18 … south berm area?

  3. Those ‘reports’ on fingerprints of gas..bunch of garbage..I would be ASHAMED to have my name on those unprofessional products. DATES are not very useful..for the first ones..2003!! The one on Bayou Corne..6/2012…nothing about true fingerprints of gas except the poorly done and not organize chicken scratch. Again, I would be ashamed by this type of poorly done report–and this was given to the government as a “product?” No explaination, coversheet or anything but poorly faxed paper. BAD faxes as well…

    • I always forget where those things are. So now the post is tagged ‘fingerprint’ for future ref.
      It demonstrates BAD FAITH effort to comply with emergency order. But I doubt they’ll get asked about it.

  4. On the Texas Brine ‘factsheet’, they mention ‘experts’ but ..not NAMES. Cant have an expert without calling out the name. Also..
    “western flank of saltdome is stable”..great but what about the EASTERN flank? And why worry about the loss of LA10–called out in the document..if the SINKHOLE IS STABLE. They mention subsidence..subsidence is NOT stable.

    FCF..where is LA10 again? West or East side?

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