What Was That Slurp Sound at LA10? + Vunerable Drums of Rad Waste Bursting at WIPP

TUES. 2 P.M. – the bottom borehole:







 Most helicorders missing time after 2 a.m. Tuesday. LA17 shows it.



Before It’s News – New Madrid Fault Line Pole Shift Earthquakes Rotten Gas (Video)

40-foot sinkhole swallows part of Tennessee football field

The situation at Carlsbad is very dire, unlike early reports ENE-News reports.

Interesting comment : “Carlsbad has a sink hole watch, there is monitors on the main road in down town Carlsbad. With all the gas/oil wells & fracking going on, we see the madness of how these people think. If WIPP worked perfectly there would have been no release period.
They better pray the WIPP site does not just turns into one giant sink hole like at Bayou Corne,LA., it’s game over if it does.”

New Mexico says 57 nuke containers could be threat

Nuke Pro – The Radiation Still to go into WIPP can Contaminate the Entire Planet

NOTE: We have updates today on our Yellowstone page


35 thoughts on “What Was That Slurp Sound at LA10? + Vunerable Drums of Rad Waste Bursting at WIPP

  1. I can’t fine where it came from ?
    I think something went boom.
    At 02:20 CDT time or 07:20 UTC time something happen at the sink hole ?
    Even the Arkansas recorder show it, for Temporary recorder and some of the recorder were knock off line.
    LA10 bottom borehole recorder is not working.
    That list of recorder show it for just Temporary I did not see it on other recorder just for Temporary.
    Here is all the Helicorder Images for Mid-America

  2. And that is the helicorder, LA10, mentioned in Texas Brine Factsheet as being the one likely to fail, and there is a comment on subsidence there..for EAST side?? The ‘west’ side is susposed to be ‘stable.’ Is the blub due to subsidence? That abnormal activity in LA10? And LA14 previously?

    • something’s going on. . . I think a cavern wall caved in … but just a guess. Whatever it was it was big.
      Still on Code 1 no matter what.
      Not a word from the local press.

  3. Also, note that TWO of the LA10 heilcorders have gone nuts..the top level two. Slip sliding around, Texas Brine? I would be concerned as LA10 and La 14
    are on the EAST side of the bore hole..and LA14 is on the south berm..new one..poor TB engineers..like trying to stick a hook in a fishing worm..all over the place.

  4. Despite the comment made by Wetpwcas1, I’m afraid it’s already well past ‘game over’, we didn’t hear the ‘female vocalist of unusual size’ because she’s got laryngitis and is resting here voice for the BIG finish… ARMAGEDDON !!! – Coming to a planet near you… NOW!!!


    The ‘incedent’ with LA 10… I suspect that it’s come adrift from it’s moorings so to speak. So if I was asked to go and visit pad #3, I’d seriously consider making a will first.

    • …As LA 10 bottom still appears to be functional, this to me implies that it at least is still fixed in position, where as the other two are vibrating to the point that it’s masking any signal they put out…

      It’s my belief that the whole LA 10 shaft has become a ‘flag pole in a high wind’ vibrating and moving like the devil at the top, but stationary at the bottom.

      Which also implies that a large chunk of salt that surrounds the LA 10 shaft may have broken off and become ‘mobile’.

    • I would think there would be all sorts of activity by work trucks etc. on the berm roads causing a racket … but I don’t think they are doing any extra work at all …

      • I seriously doubt that those vibrations on LA 10 are man-made. Pad #3 as you know is not part of the berm system, and no-one in there right mind would drive any heavy vehicle up there, it would just be asking for trouble.

        Anyway has any vehicular activity in the past produced a signal like those shown by LA 10 surface & mid ?

        It’s more reminiscent of the ‘hum’ you’d get from the aforementioned flag pole, or power-lines, during a high wind. That ‘hum’ you can hear that drives you mad.

      • I think the solid color 10s are broken helicorders. They said they are doing some work. Because 10-03 looks like it calmed down and 01 & 02 are still solid colors. I think 03 is still working.

      • I suspect that 10-3 may be far enough away from whatever is triggering 10-1 & 10-2 so that it isn’t visibly affected.

        If it is the cap-rock that snapped, 10-1 & 10-2 would be almost on top of it.

        And if that cap-rock has started to go then the pieces must be vibrating like a ‘rampant rabbit’ ( educated guess, NOT personal experience 😉 ) which would explain the signals on 10-1 & 10-2.

        If 10-1 & 10-2 are busted, it’s one hell of a coincidence that it happened directly AFTER that shock hit 10-3 at 14:15:30 CDT. And if they are, why wasn’t 10-3 affected, it’s in the same hole.

      • why don’t they get a mechanic’s inspection flexie camera-scope at Wal-Mart and stick it down there and look around????

      • Or just lower a minicam down on the end of a long cable.

        Or better yet…

        Attach the camera, and a strong light to one end of a sufficiently long piece of fibre-optic cable and then send the other end down the hole. In other words, an endoscope.

      • that’s what I meant. They have cheapie ones nowadays for auto mechanics to use.

  5. They found where the fresh water was coming into the salt dome at in the last meeting.
    That is why they put so much pressure in Oxy 3 well.

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