BREAKING: LARGE 6.0 Quake in Gulf of Mexico – Near Texas

It is on the ANF Map now.



Thanks to reader, K.S. for send in – 😉

Looks like they disappeared this quake from the map after we posted it  frowny2

A big ‘ding’ shows on this Texas seismic station graph this morning.

Gulf event map

(old) Gulf of Mexico Basin and the New Madrid Seismic Zone
Gulf of Mexico Petroleum Geologist Says Tectonic Plates Actively Moving South


16 thoughts on “BREAKING: LARGE 6.0 Quake in Gulf of Mexico – Near Texas

  1. Fcf… Did the earth move for you too ??

    Because if it didn’t then that quake never happened, there is no way on earth that there’d be a EQ 6 that close to Texas, and YOU not feeling it.

    I’ve always been a bit dubious about ANF, they’ve had quakes that no-one else even noticed, and ignored quakes that everyone screamed about.

    Example 1 :: Where’s the Laacher See quake we were all talking about a few days ago ??

    Example 2 :: Today’s Mexico quake a 5.6 that definitely rang Lake Fubars bell at 05:09:15 CDT ??

    • I am not anywhere near Texas.
      ANF is much more reliable than USGS who has been censoring quake news heavily since Fukushima.
      That’s why I do screen grabs.
      They left the little one up there (ANF).
      There is heavy news media censorship on Pacific rim quake surge, Indo-Australia plate heaving up and all the big seismic news.

    • …and before anybody says that none of the sites are 100% accurate USGS, ANF etal. I know that…

      BUT, if you look at the time of the ANF quake, it’s within seconds of todays Mexico quake, that’s one hell of a coincidence.

      But as I said before, if there’d been a 6.0 quake that close to Texas, I’d be hearing the screaming from here, and the MSM would be silent about it either.

      • I’m about an hour west of Houston, and I didn’t feel it. Nothing on the Houston news channels either.

  2. Its off ANF now. so might have been a ghost from the Mexico quake? Or more ‘keep it simple’ for the events..keep the rumors down….like USGS.

    • I don’t know how to find live seismic data for that area.
      Best I could do was that station in Texas.
      It could have been an echo.
      At least I have lat and long of the thing…. whatever it was.
      Aftershock or no aftershock will soon tell which is the better guess.

    • FCF, you are doing great and reporting what is what. Other sites, gov seem to try and spoon feed or delete information to make the public quiet. We are NOT bovines…

      • (don’t know why WordPress is delaying these comment posts!)
        I am not 100% about this 6.0 quake but the post remains up in case the other shoe drops.
        Something happened to make that big thing appear on the ANF map.

  3. Something is happening at pad #3. There was a ‘snap’ on LA 10-3 at 12:35:30 CDT, it also showed up on both LA 10-1 & 10-2 which at least proves that they’re working, to some degree at least.

    It’s a very ‘odd’ trace, look at all three LA 10’s and you’ll see what I mean…

    Possibly something breaking away down below, something BIG!!!

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