WIPP a Super Danger + Lake FUBAR’S Burps + Wed. News

ENE-News – Officials now admit over 500 barrels of nuclear waste at risk of bursting open  kittylitter — AP: 368 already at WIPP dump — “New Mexico sees ‘imminent’ danger — State orders WIPP to prevent “health or environmental threat”; Must ‘permanently seal’ underground storage areas

In a nutshell,  they were supposed to put clay- based kitty litter (reg. kind) on leaky rad waste content when they put it in steel drums for storage. Some dim wits who don’t think things out too well got new ‘improved’ (non-clay-based) kitty litter made with organic (combustible) other ingredients. It is reacting with seepy, oozy rad waste and popping lids off the drums.

Helicorders reveal a giant 5 A.M. burp from (chronically drunk) Lake FUBAR.

LA10-03 shows it –


LATER . . .

It did it again just after noon . . .

LA10-03 shows it.



Lake Peigneur threat round-up



5 thoughts on “WIPP a Super Danger + Lake FUBAR’S Burps + Wed. News

  1. I’m not entirely sure that Lake Fubar was out partying at 05:09:15 CDT ( 10:09:15 UTC ).

    I suspect that ‘Our Lady of the Lake’ may have been getting some unwanted attention from this little bundle of joy…

    M5.6 – 16km ENE of Palomares, Mexico
    2014-05-21 10:06:14 UTC



    Note to the users of the *NEW* green organic kitty litter, as advertised by WIPP…

    When puss has to go, she has to go, so do the right thing…

    Invest in HAZMAT SUITS for the entire family, you know it makes sense…

    Geiger counter optional, but recommended, for those radioactive little accidents that kittens are so prone too 😉

  2. Fcf… I appear to be in the Spam-bin again… Must you store the kitty litter in here, Geiger counter off the scale, and I think the kitty litter’s about to go ‘critical’ and meltdown.

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