Thurs. – Fri. News & Heroic Efforts to Protect Clean Water


Helicorders missing time from midnight to 4 a.m. – LA12, LA10-01 and 02.
At 12.45 a.m. LA11 shows a little snag. We are watching Lake FUBAR after all of the odd action there yesterday.


LA12 making noises before dawn. Many, Many larger earthquakes all over the world Friday (continuing into Sat.). USGS has them on the right col. of their list page. Mary Greeley noticed it.


On St. Tammany Parish & Others’ Struggle to Protect the Aquifer:

Threats to the Southern Hills Aquifer System Grow in Louisiana

By Susan Buchanan
A ten-parish area from greater Baton Rouge to St. Tammany Parish gets its drinking water from the Southern Hills Aquifer system — a number of interdependent units that start to the north in Mississippi. Over half a century of efforts to protect the aquifer from industry have yielded results but more needs to be done. Fracking in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale play in Southeast Louisiana is one threat. New Orleans-based Helis Oil & Gas wants to drill down through the aquifer near Mandeville, La. this summer. A bigger menace, however, is salt’s entry into the system as water demand swells in Baton Rouge. . . .

New Orleans Times-Picayune –  Fracking foes prompt release of information and extension of comment period on St. Tammany drilling proposal [extra articles in the sidebar]

In what amounts to a victory for anti-fracking forces in St. Tammany Parish, government agencies have agreed to make public a permit application from a company that wants to drill an oil well near Mandeville . . . . 
From St. Tammany Parish –

Open Letter from (president) Pat Brister

Concern Citizens of St. Tammany parish won an injunction.   A local citizens’ group filed an injunction stating that the Corps and DEQ didn’t provide complete permit applications and the Corps and DEQ will be restarting the comment period.



33 thoughts on “Thurs. – Fri. News & Heroic Efforts to Protect Clean Water

  1. With regards to the missing data in LA 12, check out LA 18…

    LA 12 is Tweedledum to LA 18’s Tweedledee, the only difference is a slight change in amplitude and timing, depending on which one got the hit first. That isn’t to say that they both contain an exact match, one or the other will sometimes contain a blip that is too weak to span the 100 meters to the other.

    But LA 12 and LA 18 are close enough to be called twins, though LA 12 is more like Arnold Schwarzenegger, to L:A 18’s Danny Devito.

    LA 10-1 and LA 10-2… What ever that ‘event’ was on May 19th appears to have well and truly scragged them. It doesn’t mean they won’t become reanimated as Zombies, but as pad #3, is slowly heading for the ‘deep 6’, I can’t see anybody, especially not TB bothering to try.

  2. NASA May Be Able To Predict Sinkholes 03/09/2014
    ground surface layer in Bayou Corne, La., became drastically deformed at least a month before the collapse in August 2012.
    Researchers cannot stop the depression from growing, but they may be able to predict the direction of the sinkhole’s next expansion by tracking surface deformations.
    July 2002 before the ground gave way, it rose 10 inches higher than the land around it.

    • Do you think NASA is going to take a look and try and predict Texas Brine’s Sinkhole collapse directions? That would be a good test and no brainer I would think…

      • Yes it is old news but do you remember when Texas Brine try to predict which way the sinkhole was going with their data.

      • oh, oh… you’re RIGHT! And they keep claiming stability when they probably have a bunch of data from JPL, NASA saying otherwise.
        Attention, lawyers!

  3. Virgiina had 3.2 earthquake Weds May 21st, near Richmond VA (North Anna Nuclear Plant!!)..was out of area, but my son called me and complained the DOGS WERE GOING NUTS!!! Plus there have been 450 aftershocks –in this area since the Aug 2011 larger EQ of 5.8 that damaged the nuclear plant and the WA Monument..GADS. 450–aftershocks..and USGS has no listed many if any!

    Noted no comment on North Anna, just Washington DC. Go DA dogs, Go. They are pretty accurate, huh? Wonder how they would do in Bayou Corne…

  4. Earthquakes
    M5.6 – 8km S of San Juan Cacahuatepec, Mexico 2014-05-24 08:24:47 UTC

    That quake showed up on the NSH recorders
    BLA BHZ US 00 : Blacksburg, VA
    CBN BHZ US 00 : Corbin, VA
    ERPA BHZ US 00 : Erie, PA
    MCWV BHZ US 00 : Mont Chateau, WV
    SSPA BHZ IU 00 : Standing Stone, PA
    Network Helicorder Recorder Images.

    • And Lots and lots of quite large 4, 5s and 6s worldwide and in places they don’t usually show up on USGS list. Last 12 hours.
      Shaking and quaking.

  5. 6.8 or 6.9 in Greece–the heilcorders are showing it. Lots of shoshing..happened at 9:53 UTC may 24th. 10 KM in depth, but in the water pretty much. Quake felt in large area of Greece. No reports of damage at this time. But look at the helicorders and the shoshing. They did NOT like this..and the ones in the Mid-Atlantic divide either. DAs at a low grumble.

    • I saw that headline. But scary today how many big (4s and 5s) quakes are just popping up all over the world …. in new places. And a series of 6s too. Like the core is inhaling and expanding.
      Not a peep from USGS.
      Mary Greeley vid is good … I just put it in Thurs/Fri. news post.

      • The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is starting to kick-off too, which when you think about it is probably a much more scary proposition that the Pacific ring of fire ( PROF ), you expect tantrums from the PROF, but not the Mid-Atlantic ridge ( MAR ), it’s a spreading fault zone, not a subducting one like the PROF for the most part is .

        The MAR just got hit by two 5.2

        both of which showed up as ripples on the helicoders.


        Things are changing, faster than I thought they would. And I know that I’ve said it before, and to be honest, some of you weren’t too enamoured of the idea, so this’ll be the last time I’ll say this… But you may want to seriously think about getting to high ground, sooner rather than later. And remember…


  6. Dutchsinse predicted that the northeast will experience earthquakes due to pressure transfer near the end of this video concerning the earthquake near Greece.
    5/24/2014 — 6.9M earthquake strikes Europe / Gre…:

  7. Davidh, if those north Atlantic earthquakes might have been caused those TTA’s I was telling you about, look for dead sea life to wash ashore in maybe a week or two.

  8. This is going to sound weird ( even for one of my lunatic posts 😉 )…

    Last night, that is to say Friday night at approx 23:40 UTC, I had a VERY weird experience. It felt like reality shrunk down to the size of a pinhead then immediately expanded back out again, all in less than a millisecond, I thought at first I was tired, but I’ve just realised. It was at the exact same time as this…

    The M5.2 – Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
    2014-05-23 23:41:49 UTC

    has this happened to anybody else here ??

    Definitely weird, and very spooky 😯

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