Does Civil Conspiracy Lawsuit (1997) From Jefferson Parish Apply to Texas Brine Crimes?

Although this effort failed (probably due to greased wheels) it is worth a look.

We found this article by way of a comment on ENE-News –

ForbesTexas Billionaire Builds Giant Nuclear Waste Dump

Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons has been called the king of Superfund sites. His companies, like publicly traded NL Industries, have over the years reportedly polluted numerous industrial sites with toxic metals and radiation. And another of his companies, Waste Control Specialists, is in the business of cleaning the messes up. It’s such a clever strategy that Dallas’ D Magazine in an insightful profile last year, called 79-year-old Simmons Dallas’  “most evil genius.”  . . . .

So we went to look up NL Industries to see if they are in Louisiana. NL started out as National Lead Company way back.

And we found out a lot about NL BAROID DRILLING FLUIDS INC

And then we tried to find out about ‘baroid’ and found this info about Haliburton all in on it. Whatever these baroids are the frackers are crazy about them! Cebo Holland has a page on them. A science paper featuring baroids.

And we found a heliport for fancy execs at LaFourche Parish- NL Baroid Heliport

We found this lawsuit from 1997 –
United States Court of Appeals,Fifth Circuit.
Letetia JEFFERSON, Individually and as Duly Qualified Legal Tutrix for Schanta Jefferson, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. LEAD INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION, INC.;  NL Industries, Inc.;  Atlantic Richfield Company;  Sherwin Williams;  SCM Corporation;  Glidden Company;  Fuller-O’Brien Corp., Defendants-Appellees.

The lawsuit failed 😦  –

In our de novo review of the district court's dismissal of Jefferson's claim, we conclude that the district court not only reached the correct result but did so for the correct reasons.   Moreover, we are satisfied that we could not improve on the analysis of the district court as set forth in Judge Vance's clear, concise, and thorough ORDER AND REASONS filed on May 31, 1996.   We therefore incorporate her opinion herein by reference and attach a copy hereto as Appendix A.

Who is this this guy who kicked out the lawsuit? Judge Vance  United States Court of Appeals,Fifth Circuit.

Oops! confused  He was killed by a letter bomb . . . LETTER BOMB KILLS U.S. APPEALS JUDGE

That was his father who was killed. Dad’s bio.

Jr. had enemies there but industry sometimes creates these as a backdoor PR campaign.

Here is the goods – he took campaign money from Alabama Power.

Vance has raised more than $450,000 in his two months as a candidate, including from the pro-business BizPac and an employee political action committee of Alabama Power, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Southern Co. (SO)”

More poop.



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