Sunday News

Lots of updates are on the Yellowstone page. Mary Greeley finds the gases are rising there.

LA14 had some activty around 10 a.m. . heli_button


40 thoughts on “Sunday News

  1. H4 looks to be the indicator-gas of an impending eruption.  From our friend dublinsmick;
    Yellowstone Recording Helium-4-Known To Appear Before Large Eruptions | Here Comes The Sun
    2) Helium -4,  not normally present, has suddenly appeared at Yellowstone  in unbelievably large amounts never seen before.

    3) When Helium -4 was seen at other volcanoes, it appeared shortly before major eruptions of those volcanoes.
    Helium Gas As Volcano Eruption Detector
    Helium, a noble gas, is a better candidate for tracking and forecasting eruptions, Padrón explained, because it doesn’t react with rocks or groundwater and microorganisms don’t consume or produce helium…. Fracturing crust [which contains h4] is another clue that a volcanic eruption could be imminent.

    • A little misprint. Should be he4 instead of h4–helium4 not hydrogen4. You can probably understand from the links I have provided.

  2. WIPP Redux

    “Michigan protests plan to store millions of gallons of nuclear waste next to the Great Lakes”

    I think this would take the Great Lakes off anybody ‘Safe Haven list’ in case they have to get out of dodge quickly.

    Seriously, living in the UK, even though there’s a dire lack of high points to run too, makes me a very happy bunny right now.

    Didn’t they have some earthquakes ( small ones ) near there recently ?? And it’s right up close to the north of of the New Madrid fault complex too.

    Aren’t they going to have fun coming up with excuses as to why Lake Huron, the areas major drinking water supply is contaminated with radioactive C**P.


    If this has already appeared here… WHOOPS SORRY !!! 😉

  3. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge ( MAR ) was hit again…

    M5.1 – Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
    2014-05-27 10:59:11 UTC

    No apparent movement on the helicorders(*).

    * It should be noted that TB is supposed to be taking over the monitoring of these helicorders. That being said, it wouldn’t surprise me to find that they have been, or will be, desensitized, to make any seismic impact seem less than it really is.

    This would fit with the alert codes being ‘jammed’ at one, no matter what the helicorders may show.

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