Deluge Weekend! Big Mexico Quake! Cow Causes Oil Spill!

Lots of rain still coming for Saturday & Sunday

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WAFB River Stages  . . . Local area river stage levels

The AdvocateFlooding still a concern in parts of Ascension Parish- Damaged homes, backed-up drainage lines, threat of more rain have residents on edge  < has video

Severe threat ramps up this weekend

Ascension declares emergency due to flooding; debris removal starts Monday


Almost 8″ of rain(!) fell in Sorrento – 27 miles NE from Bayou Corne. MAP

City of Sorrento sees nearly eight inches of rain

Let’s see if they emptied out any of the butane at Lake FUBAR since the hurricane season is starting up. Here’s an “update” from May 27 –


Here comes more wet weather:


Dreaded cow threat to big oil: Cow blamed for causing spill in oil patch

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A cow is suspected of causing a spill of natural gas liquids near a tributary of the Little Missouri River, prompting North Dakota regulators to warn energy companies to ensure their facilities are bovine-proof. . . .

. . . “They just get rubbing along those valves and they open up,” Glatt said. “Sometimes they need to scratch their backs and they open those valves.” . . .


A BIG Quake in Mexico has set off helicorders in Bayou Corne.


A 6.2 quake on the Pacific side of MexicoLA10-03 sloshing at 7 a.m.!



heli_button   ..  button_LA12  is going nuts too.

NOTE: Large quakes appear on the sidebar as they happen in the USGS RSS feed.



18 thoughts on “Deluge Weekend! Big Mexico Quake! Cow Causes Oil Spill!

  1. We are having a monsoon season here in SC too, last weekend it came with a large hailstorm. Go figure the weather channel just told us it was sunny out! It will be a miracle if the garden grows this year, the same as last year!

  2. I give up trying to send anything to your web site.
    The water table is dropping the bird have quit singing what next.

    • sorry ,… it’s wordpress that stalls all the posts … they do it when there’s a link in the message and also a lot of times when there isn’t!
      I was off line today (up all night).

  3. Hurricane season is starting in the for low pressure and a couple events( one off west mexico coast that may cross over into the Caribbean, one off east coast mexico north of Isla Mujhers, and one gathering up the other pieces off Cuba) leading up to a system going towards west Florida around June 8th. And then where?

    On quakes, lots of little 5.0 quakes in ONE spot in the Pacific. DAs are sleeping it off.

  4. I thought it was one of the plagues brought to Pharaoh when he wouldn’t let the Jews out of slavery in Egypt. In that case they must be heading toward DC? Or London? Actually since Energy Solutions is the culprit at WIPP and also screwed up Fukushima maybe they are headed toward Salt Lake City? Are they heading toward WIPP or away? I wasn’t able to get the video going. I guess they are leaving Sandia lab? Isn’t it Albuquerque? They’ve had problems with insects spreading radiation in some places in the past (and present?). Blaming the cow is just the best one yet. I will find out if it can be true.

    • ugh! That WIPP fresh air will turn those bugs into the size of weiner dogs! Flying, crop destroying weiner dogs!
      That cow was probably derived from this -

      They always blame the cow (Chicago fire)!

    • flying weiner dogs!

      I think it is not so easy to shut off these cavern hallways ….

      I don’t know why …. except the whole place is made of (moving) SALT!

      • Thanks. Yes, that’s a big problem – they have the crazy idea that they want something to close in on the stuff and then wonder why it is unstable. They have some self-healing mud they want to use in Switzerland and they had that trouble with one tunnel that took forever to build – it kept shutting back up, i.e. self-healing. I want to say hare-brained but it is insulting to hares.

      • That’s a relevant post in that WIPP is the product of both World Wars. Interesting on Poland and Democracy and Women’s rights. But, I don’t understand that elsewhere on the site they seem ok with Russia grabbing part of Ukraine – but not ok with Russia grabbing part of Poland! Also, Old Prussians were neither German nor Slavs but Indigenous people. Crimea is actually Scythian, which were an Iranian people that got chased to places like the hills of Switzerland, and Scotland. I’ve been wondering if it is useful to look at US policy through the lens of the US Civil War. That was an invasion that made people mad for over 100 years but even those invaded know that Slavery was wrong. Then you get into if freeing slaves is why the US invaded.

      • I had no idea.
        All I knew about was the false flag German invasion and dressing up the dread prisoners like Polish soldiers to make it look like a provocation… a trick so copied by the USA so many times.
        I have heard rumors Lenin worked for Germany secretly but haven’t read anything serious on it.

      • Also, Putin’s grandfather seems to have had Lenin poisoned and put Stalin in. Watching Russia lately I think that the US was right, there was a Russian under every other bush and probably CIA under the other one.

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