Emergency: Our planet is dying

the sleeping must WAKE UP!
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flying cuttlefish picayune

This is the first article, if this one is terrifying, the next one will be ten times worse. After several years of alerts about mass bird and fish deaths, in 2014 fish die-offs have reached a peak of unprecedented proportions. What is happening, and what are the consequences for Humankind?

This is the first article of two. This one is concerned with massive fish die-offs, the next one is about bees, and how long we have to live after they become extinct. For those interested, the answer is not long, not long at all. But it starts with fish.

We are not speaking about EU-sponsored Moroccan fishing vessels spewing into the sea the innards of millions of sardines, deemed “too small” to eat. We are speaking about massive fish die-offs on a global scale. . . .  (more)


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44 thoughts on “Emergency: Our planet is dying

  1. The earth is in birth pains right now.
    To do a good research on a subject you need a good layout of what you need to look up, this is a start.

    There is written account before the flood around the world just what are they saying ?

    Just what was it like before the flood
    there was a Hi-Tech Society Before Noah’s Flood ?
    There Was No Rain Before the Flood ?
    Did man and dinosaurs coexisted before the Flood ?
    There is no indication that animals attacked men before the flood ?
    After the flood animals feared mankind this is true.
    The pre-flood world The Earth Before the Flood
    The mountain’s were not as tall as they are now this is true.
    Is there Evidence that Humans and Dinosaurs lived together, at the same time ?
    After the flood man and dinosaurs did not coexisted.

  2. Polar stratospheric cloud

    birds dropping dead from noctilucent clouds

    poisonous space clouds Slamming Into Earth Cause Mass Bird and Fish Deaths.
    Hydrogen Cyanide is also formed in interstellar clouds
    Earth’s magnetic pole shift unleashing poisonous space clouds linked to mysterious bird deaths.

    • I think the poison clouds are from Japan.
      And I think a giant engine is at work to churn out phoney articles on new ways cancer is caused , new ways, bees die, new ways fish have die-off etc. etc. to turn people away from guessing what has gone wrong with our Earth.
      …. just my opinion ….

      • Of course the bees are dieing! There’s bug insecticides engineered into GM plants. Bees are subjected through the pollen and humans through eating the fruits and vegetables.

      • TO: flyingcuttlefish
        Your right the land and sea is upchucking from all the waste.

        Are you saying “We are like flies on a carcass the earth really to fly off it”

  3. May be my eyesight is going, but Dark Blue on Black, what’s wrong with Klingon ???…

    Seriously, NO the world is NOT dying, at least not the natural world, that’s changing, probably in ways we can’t even imagine, but it’ll survive and go on to heal itself.

    The human world, the world of concrete caves, big macs, dollars and cents, that’s dying, a self inflicted mass suicide of ignorance, apathy and sheer greed.

    If we’re lucky a few of mankind may survive, and get the chance to make amends and put things right. But it’ll be hard, harder than surviving the ice-ages would have been, and deservedly so.

      • When the Mount Toba super -volcano went up approx 70,000 years ago, it’s believed that approx 15,000 human individuals survived worldwide.

        The Georgia stones state that the human population should be kept at or below 500 million which would be approx 7.14 % of the current human population, roughly the global population of approx 1200 AD – 1300 AD.

        If things continue the way they are, the Mount Toba event 70,000 years ago will seem like a stroll in the park. With pollution ( chemical & radiological ) & earth-changes ( weather, tectonic & volcanic ), we’ll be lucky if the global population tops out at 100,000 when it’s all over, Most of whom will be ill-equipped to survive.

        And don’t forget the vast majority of that 100,000 will be spread out in small groups of 10 – 30, or people on their own. People may well be born, grow old and die without seeing anybody else outside of their small community.

  4. Thanks for providing an excellent article.  The profit seekers and other selfish individuals are destroying this Earth for their own greed.  They must think that a little destruction here and there is okay.  Hey, this is a big planet.  Destruction from one company won’t make a difference.   The problem is that many, many greedy companies have that same disgusting attitude!  All these companies destrutive actions add up to one big problem.
    The Fukushima sea-born radiation plum is quickly destroying(killing as Dana says) the Pacific ocean.  That sea-born radioactive plum is headed for the north Atlantic ocean via the Canadian maritimes.  The radiation depletes the water of oxygen. The continuing air-born plum is destroying humans with birth defects and cancer. 
    Thousands of fish died in Galveston Bay, Texas area last week.  I hear the deaths were attributed to “lack of oxygen.”  I’ve read of Methane releases from the Gulf of Mexico floor, which deplete the water of oxygen. The warming oceans will thaw the Methane below the sea floors.  There’s the chemical runoff from the Mississippi river.  There’s also the toxic Corexit dispersant and other chemicals dumped on the Deep Water Horizon catastrophe. 
    All of what I just mentioned is backed by articles and youtube videos. If you don’t believe me, do the research for youself to arrive at the same conclusion.

  5. As I said I grow up in Oak Ridge TN
    Color 1947 aerial photo of Oak Ridge National Lab or you could say X-10.

    1945 K-25 Plant Aerial Oak Ridge Tennessee. ORNL has digitized its photography archives. From 1943-45, “Oak Ridge hosted several uranium separation technologies” like the Y-12 electromagnetic separation plant, and the K-25 and K-27 gaseous diffusion plants. There was also S-50 thermal diffusion plant, but the X-10 was used later for plutonium production.

    Alpha Track Calutron at the Y-12 Plant at Oak Ridge, from the Manhattan Project, used for uranium enrichment by electromagnetic separation process — Circa 1944-1945.

    More pictures
    Library: Video gallery for Y-12

  6. I ‘tripped’ over this earlier while looking for something else…

    “Beyond Collapse – Surviving and Rebuilding Civilization From Scratch (Giveaway eBook)”


    * There’s a link about 2/3 down the page, follow it.
    * Sign-up for their newsletter & free EBook, and they’ll send you an email with a link. * Click the link & get a free 455 page Ebook…

    It may or may not be useful, that’s for you to decide, but getting and reading it, would do you no harm, and may yet turn out to be a blessing, especially the way things are now.

    • …even if you think that it’s all just a bit of a fuss over nothing, or that it’ll all come out in the wash…

      What harm can spending a bit of time reading this Ebook do…

      You may just ending up falling asleep, in which case, you have the perfect cure for insomnia.

      You may just think it’s just so much electronic toilet paper, I wouldn’t recommend using it as such though… Ebook readers often have sharp edges 😉

      But what ever you decide to do, just read it… You never know !!!

  7. Darn. look in spam. Put the link on the June page not on the May page. Good job, was going to tell you about the quake at YS..you got it already. Fast!

  8. I have not found anything about the meeting they had for June 3, 2014 ?
    May 28, 2014
    5:10 p.m. Texas Brine Informational Meeting, June 3, 2014
    NOTICE TO RESIDENTS: The next informational meeting for residents on current activities and operations is scheduled for next Tuesday at the Command Trailer.
    When: Tuesday, June 3, 2014
    5:30 p.m.
    Where: Texas Brine Command Trailer at Sportsman’s Landing
    This is all I found

    • usually they post info the next day on the parish blog or you tube channel ….
      … but they had all that rain. Maybe the trailer floated away….

  9. Heilcorders did NOT like the Alaska and Canadian quakes..one a 5.8 USGS. And a 3.4 Yellowstone one. Slip sliding around the craton..!!

  10. Can the Zebra mussels and Quagga mussel find their place in the environment ?

    The Zebra Mussel Invasion
    Another invasive mussel species similar to the zebra mussel, the quagga mussel, was found in Lake Erie in 1989. It, too, has spread to all the Great Lakes and is replacing the zebra mussel as the predominant invasive mussel species. Both quagga and zebra mussels have recently been found west of the Continental Divide.

    Quagga mussel
    How did the Quagga and the Zebra mussels get to California?
    Can the Quagga mussel, find their place in nature ?

    Mussel are Filter feeders (a sub-group of suspension feeders) are animals that feed by straining suspended matter and food particles from water, typically by passing the water over a specialized filtering structure.

    • this all came about because of (crappy) WTO rules … and giant Russian cargo ships began entering the Great Lakes for thin-n-that freight load.
      They emptied their critter infested bilge tanks into the Great Lakes and critters liked the waters just swell.
      They populated like mad and killed the local life forms.
      Thank you, WTO!

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