Thursday – Big Fluid Movement at Lake FUBAR at 1 A.M.

It is on all the helicorders. Here is what it looks like on LA10-03


(notice 1:05 A.M. mark)

Yellowston Updated

The Parish blog says No Wake Zone still on. Cancel that big speedboat race in Bayou Corne! Big, bad weather may be coming up from the Gulf of Mexico!

NOAA Hurricane Center report

29 thoughts on “Thursday – Big Fluid Movement at Lake FUBAR at 1 A.M.

  1. It was on the Arkansas ones as well.
    X502 HHZ NM 00 : Temporary, Arkansas

    This one look like it started at 01:02 CDT time or UTC time at 06:02 time
    X601 HHZ NM 00 : Temporary, Arkansas

    Louisiana bottom borehole recorder stated somewhat later.

    All of them

    I look at the Earthquake map I did not see it there was a lot of Haines Junction, Canada little quakes.
    M2.8 – 155km WNW of Haines Junction, Canada 2014-06-05 05:51:27 UTC
    Home web site

  2. June 5, 2014
    The Emergency Declaration for ‘No Wake’ Zones due to the high waters will REMAIN IN EFFECT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. This declaration stands throughout the approaching weekend. Waterways included in this declaration include:
    Bayou Corne
    Pierre Part Bay
    Bayou Drive Elevation Bridge
    Belle River
    4-Mile Bayou
    Bayou Gannevail
    Bayou Crab
    Bayou Tranquille
    Lake Verret Park Estates Canal
    Pierre Part Bay along East Drive
    Grand Bayou

  3. Walter was asking about slow quakes, so maybe this link is helpful . I looked up ‘biggest sinkhole in the world ‘ and Bayou Corne doesnt get a mention even though the ‘biggest’ is small by comparison. I prefer to call it a salt dome collapse pit. When you had your naming competition I was going to suggest Lake Macaroni but instead of a feather they stuck a blue ribbon on it

  4. At Energy News web site they keep talking about building a giant icewall, at Fukushima
    How about wall of this Mussels or oysters or claims or scallops cleaning the radioactive waste
    You could have a mussels and oysters and clams rope or cord farming
    They are Filter feeders (a sub-group of suspension feeders) are animals that feed by straining suspended matter and food particles from water, typically by passing the water over a specialized filtering structure.

    How Mussel Farming Could Help to Clean Fouled Waters

    • shimatsu pointed out the ice wall is on the mountain side of the plant…. not on the sea side.
      It has lots of fresh water cascading through … I guess ice wall is to divert it from NPP basement. So fresh water clams ….
      It is too radioactive on the site for humans.
      Robots fry out fast too.
      All of the helicopter pilots who dumped water on it in early days died fast. And they were way up in the air.

      • Not the ice wall on the mountain side.
        What they’re talking about is building a ice wall In the bay in the harbor of Fukushima.

      • ok …
        I got that other idea from Shimatsu
        [audio src="" /]
        (interview) …

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