Lake FUBAR Grumbles Overnight + Weekend News

At midnight (Sat.) Lake FUBAR had a lot of seismic activity/fluid movement that lasted over an hour and was big for over 20 minutes. It was pretty quiet Friday before midnight.

It shows well on LA12.



NOTE: Checking G00gle Earth today the image for Bayou Corne claims an image date of March, 2014 but it is obviously a very old image showing the old berm configuration frowny2 without any new-new south berm even being started. It looks like the photo is over 6 mos. old or maybe even a year old. What the heck?

Keith M. kindly sent in new G00gle Earth images from his computer. They are here –

G_E91 – – – | – – – G_E94



The Watchers – Ubinas throwing volcanic rocks 2 km away from its crater, Peru

RT News – Flaming water wells? High methane levels in Texas water linked to fracking

A harrowing account of the 1980 disaster at Lake Peigneur is in Vermilion TodayAbbeville’s Bergeron will be honored as ‘Living Legend’

[snip] ” . . . During the morning Bergeron saw service barges going around the drilling platform, which was soon pulled under as the vortex became stronger. He also witnessed the salt barges–some loaded, some empty all tied to sturdy piling and to each other–straining to break away to the vortex. Bergeron also witnessed the narrow escape of the two fishermen in the little aluminum flat boat barely avoid the vortex and then nearly being crushed by colliding barges as they traveled through the barge basin. . . “


2.7 quake near Dayton, Tennessee  & 2.8 in the same place later (might be fracking)

Reader Keith M. says it looks to be on the eastern edge of the North American craton.



18 thoughts on “Lake FUBAR Grumbles Overnight + Weekend News

  1. Flyingcuttlefish, I just emailed 3 google earth images. One image of the layout of the entire area. One image of the old southern berm with the partially constructed new southern berm. One closeup image of the end segment of the partially constructed new southern berm. Yes, I’ve shaved my cat and given her a bath.

  2. Listened to the full June 3 Parish meeting, which included discussions on gas and venting, safety (mandatory evacuation still in place), property owners concern for the future, and Texas Brine payments ( government, still waiting). People asking for future status, nothing new..a wait and see mode I guess. NO flyover posted since 3/31/2014. Subsidence is occurring in the main sinkhole area, not outside berm per the official briefing, but no real details, facts or data.

  3. Hi Guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I saw this this morning and I can’t help but think there is something seriously wrong with the governor and politicians of Louisianan and that it’s the people who are going to suffer and die for it. People have got to stop voting these idiots into office.

    • It’s truly amazing the amount of contempt that some politicians have for the very people who’s votes they want come election time.

      And even more amazing is that some of those people will be stupid enough to vote for them again, and again.

    • He’s voted against his own state collecting their due settlements for the missuse of Louisiana by big oil. What the Гμ€¥!!! Presidential contender my @$$. No one likes a turncoat. Now everybody, besides the Louisianans, knows what type of person Jindal really represents. So now is the sinkhole suit a wash? Is the bill retroactive?

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