Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-BP): His not-so-shocking betrayal of Louisiana

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Something Like the Truth

Blogger Lamar White has produced a must-read post about Gov. Bobby Jindal’s and the Legislature’s shocking betrayal of Louisiana’s coastal communities.

On first blush, Senate Bill 469, signed last week by Jindal, appears to be aimed at negating the 97 lawsuits filed against Big Oil by Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority- East (SLFPA-E). At closer examination, however, it appears the real intent may have been far more nefarious.

That’s not just White’s opinion. As he explains below so well in his post, dozens of eminent legal scholars have concluded that the most profound impact of the bill may be to relieve BP from most or all of its legal liability for the damage it has done to the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana’s coast. Could that have been the purpose of the bill all along?

Here’s the post:

If You Care About Louisiana, This Should Make You Livid

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5 thoughts on “Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-BP): His not-so-shocking betrayal of Louisiana

  1. Looking at it from the point of view of an outsider, this is either a grossly stupid political blunder / graft. Or he knows, or has been warned about, something that the common people in America are not yet aware of.

    If it’s the former, then he’s either been badly advised, or has decided to grab as much as he can, before he’s voted out of office.

    If it’s the latter, then the same applies, and he and senior staff do a runner.

    As the political stupidity seems to be somewhat endemic, not just in America, but across large areas of this planet, I’d go with the idea that they know something we don’t, because there sure does seem to be a fire-sale going on, of anything valuable.

    • Consider the still popular, inflexible caste system (class system) in India and how it goes along with ‘wealthy people deserve wealth’ philosophy and it makes his bio more understandable.

      • Possibly… Either that, or he’s just greedy, venal and stupid.

        I just wish these people would understand, that the more you push someone, the more likely it is that they’ll push back. And these idiots are so out-number that it’s not even funny.

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