2 (old) Docs Show 3-D View of Lake FUBAR

Added to the Documents page today, these 2 papers have lots of info on where the gas bubbles are coming from. They say the old Hooker well pocket of gas is all spent.

  1. DNR – Bayou Corne 3D, 3D reflection seismic results (April 2013)
  2. LSU – Seismic Noise Test: Bayou Corne (Oct. 2012)

DNR paper –

  • Sinkhole fill disturbed area limited to depth of approximately 400 ft., is contained within berm, and remains far south of Hwy 70 and Bayou Corne
  • Small amount of residual Big Hum hydrocarbons near the Hooker # 1, serial # 20913, appears to have been liberated and virtually gone in recent survey
  • No evidence of multiple hydrocarbon zones as possible supply to sinkhole and MRAA

LSU paper –



We also found a comment-on-planned-project letter filed as part of the public record of Arlington Storage’s application to store natural gas in a salt cavern near Watkins Glen, N.Y. that is revealing.

This letter (at the end) notes the Bayou Corne disaster is still going on. They use the phrase the continuing salt cavern failure at Bayou Corne to describe it. So much for stability.

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Louisiana Voice – Did Jindal tell us his brother’s law firm represents BP before signing SB 469? We didn’t get the memo from press office

We added this page, Methane – Everything you Didn’t Want to Know ,  from Pegasus Research Consortium on methane to the Methane page.



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