Water Recedes + Gas Cap Big “If” + News

No wakes zone lifted – anchors away!

Texas Brine fact-sheet (dated June 5) – “At locations where we have ORWs that are still flowing the data suggests a significant reduction in gas cap thickness of 50% or greater from the initial CPT readings”

  Gas Cap vs Cap Rock


Wed. – Just posted to the Methane page, in the section on ‘oil industrythis interesting doc about exploiting oil rim reservoirs. A few things added to that section with items sent in by a reader.

From p. 4 :


An inquiring reader sent this observation –

 Questioning the whole berm thing:

The O & G people couldn’t care less about keeping the sinkhole confined, in my estimation, so what would be the rationale for the berms for their profit bottom line? The so-called berms keep falling in, anyway. Do they want that to happen, but why exactly? Could this explain it?? That sand and gravel creates a gas cap, which then compresses the gas and makes it easier to withdraw the hydrocarbons. Could that be  why the gas cap discussion?

Fuel Fix – Deal may spur drilling in Mississippi, Louisiana

JACKSON, Miss. — A private equity firm will invest up to $400 million to support efforts by Houston-based Halcón Resources Corp to drill for oil on the 314,000 acres that Halcón has leased in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale of southwest Mississippi and southeast Louisiana. . .

All day Tuesday helicorders acting up –


And many had a short outage around noon.  No idea what’s going on.

UPDATE:  Quake Watch weighed in and said the jumpy lines (above) are cultural noise, not seismic event.


Meet ‘The Digger:’ How One Texas Mom Helps Others Find Answers About Quakes

Barbara Brown is known to some of her neighbors as “The Digger.” She earned that nickname after collecting thousands of documents about oil and gas drilling, shortly after she says a swarm of minor earthquakes damaged her dream home, and those of her neighbors in Reno and Azle. . .



9 thoughts on “Water Recedes + Gas Cap Big “If” + News

  1. Gas cap probably means the topping layer over the top of oil or water/salt dome. So the ‘gas’ is getting less. So what happens AFTER the gas is vented? When oil is discovered..the drilling rigs get gas first..then the oil comes up. Wonder if this will occur, like oil seeping up or petrolum. The video of the town meeting, yes dear reader, I watched it all..mentioned pumping out liquid to increase gas flow..or that was my understanding.

    News is very quiet about Bayou Corne, except the people living there and going to the meetings are getting very frustrated and unhappy…no one is helping them..they have lost property..and have to file suit to obtain their property values..does not cover the relocation and stress and need to start all over again..
    Texas Brine has a lot to pay for…the video kept mentioning “insurance” –not paying. At least the people responsible for the mess..the ones who ignored, looked the other way, made money–will pay some day. By pay, I do mean their actions in the hereafter..guilt can not be a good bedfellow…

    • Just updated the post …. with idea (sent in) that the berm road idea isn’t a berm at all… just an excuse to press a lot of clay and weight onto the gas cap to force out more gas/profits ….

  2. gas cap

    1. n. [Well Completions]
    The gas that accumulates in the upper portions of a reservoir where the pressure, temperature and fluid characteristics are conducive to free gas. The energy provided by the expansion of the gas cap provides the primary drive mechanism for oil recovery in such circumstances.
    See: free gas, gas drive

  3. Gas Cap – An accumulation of natural gas, on top of layer of saturated liquid hydrocarbons, in a reservoir.

    HUM..and how MUCH hydocarbons are there???

  4. Now I see what you were looking at! This does not appear on the IRIS version of the seismogram. That is most definitely interference more than likely on the transmission line between the seismo and CERI rather then the instrument itself.

    • yeah, some kind of machine or something … or else all the trees around Lake FUBAR would have fallen over (if it was quake activity) 🙂

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