New Fly Over + AIG Lawsuit Tossed + Friday News

AIG’s Sinkhole Coverage Suit Belongs In La., Judge Rules

Law360, New York  — A Texas federal judge on Wednesday tossed a suit brought by two American International Group Inc. units claiming they have no duty to cover salt producer Texas Brine Co. in litigation over the company’s alleged responsibility for a 2012 Louisiana sinkhole, finding the case would be better heard by Louisiana courts.

U.S. District Judge Kenneth M. Hoyt ruled that Louisiana state and federal courts should have jurisdiction over National Union Fire Insurance Co. of Pittsburgh, Pa., and American International Specialty Lines Insurance Co.’s coverage action . . .  (subscription)

Someone’s throwing cherry bombs off a boat around LA10 – nothing shows on the bottom borehole. Quake Watch graph showed big fuzz at LA 10-01 yesterday … then it stopped around 2 a.m. Thursday.

There’s a 5.0 quake at Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa, Escuintla, Guatemala – it’s on the Pacific side of Central America < MAP
There have been a lot of quakes in that area in recent weeks.

The AdvocateWilliams Olefins faces fines, suits, probes a year after blast

[snip] . . . “The plant, which is expected to restart operations at the end of the month, and plant processes were the focus of close examination to guide the new improvements and training for employees. . . ”  [how about management and CEOs???]
” . . . New allegations have also emerged this year in the civil suits claiming that Williams officials were warned three times since 2006 by the company’s own safety consultants and an internal audit three months before the blast about equipment settings that may have prevented the explosion.
The reports suggest that a certain type of relief valve on the reboiler that ruptured should have been left open to avoid a major failure, one suit claims.
“Yet, management, over and over, while in Iberville Parish, refused to take basic steps that would prevent the equipment involved in the explosion from over pressurizing,” an amended lawsuit from 76 plaintiffs filed in Iberville Parish on Jan. 2 claims. . . ”  — great reporting by David J. Mitchell.

Watch the failed ‘old’ south berm:


Original south berm now going the way of  the old west berm – deep 6!


And the SOUTH EAST CORNER of the new-new south berm doesn’t look good!
See 1:38 mark –


Video just posted . . .

Protect yourself from mosquitoes! Tennessee Department of Health confirms state’s First Chikungunya Case



23 thoughts on “New Fly Over + AIG Lawsuit Tossed + Friday News

  1. June 13, 2014
    8:05 a.m. Flyover Video Uploaded
    A video of the flyover performed on Wednesday, 6/11, can be seen at:

  2. This 18-second video is unrelated to this subject, but it needs to be seen. I couldn’t find an area on the big yellowstone link below to input this “comment.” On my smartphone I see a fixed yellowstone page in the background with all of the Yellowstone videos scrolling on the top layer. This video was supplied by the Radchick channel on youtube. I don’t see any light reflecting of the steam clouds to produce this flash, which means the flash truely came from below ground. If this video has not been monkeyed with, then the flash is coming from Old Faithful.
    Yellowstone – Flash of light from Inside Old Fait…:

    • OK ….
      I have vid by guy who says all that is just normal stuff too …
      I’ll put on Yellowstone page

    • My guess…

      A magnesium nodule about the size of an adult thumbnail ignited.

      Magnesium along with other minerals is often found in the waters of the Yellowstone Park. And it burns with a bright white light, can also burn in an oxygen deprived location i.e. underwater.

      Now the water temperature at the vent of the Old Faithful Guyser has been measured at 204°F (95.6°C). The steam temperature has been measured above 350°F.

      Which raises the question of what could possibly have causes a magnesium nodule to ignite, as magnesium’s autoignition temperate is approximately 473 °C (746 K; 883 °F).

      Now unless there’s somebody down there playing a practical joke with a torch, or setting light to magnesium. The only thing that I can think of that’s hot enough to ignite magnesium is the one thing that we don’t want to be there…

      MAGMA !!!


      Magnesium Wiki

      • Yeah, some recent vids seem to be tourist-viewing observations when the point of the Park is the wonders-of-nature there.
        I am thinking unless the Craton Plate is sliding east causing these earthquakes …. YS is just doing its ‘thing’.

        In future … please post comments on YS on the YS blog …

      • Here is the Video of that pieces of land that goes deep six look just how far out it go out into the lake.
        3/31/14 Slough In that occurred off of Pad 3

      • Let try this one more time
        Here is the Video of that pieces of land that goes deep six look just how far out it go out into the lake.
        3/31/14 Slough In that occurred off of Pad 3

    • just saw it … posted. Still … why does Lake FUBAR slosh so much at everything so far away …? And how can TB claim it is stable?

      • Because Lake Fubar / salt-dome is probably the worlds largest seismograph.

        The large quakes cause the fluid and in-fill in the caverns to vibrate, this in turn causes the salt-dome to also vibrate, and it’s that vibration that’s picked up by the helicorders.

        Don’t forget there is quite a few caverns down there, the vast majority of which are filled with fluid. The whole salt-dome has probably become a giant amplifier because of them.

        TB can claim anything it wants to, it doesn’t mean it’s true, you, I and everybody else, including TB knows that. But TB has to try and paint a ‘pretty picture’ or it’s game-over both for the litigation that it’s facing in the courts, and for the possibility of keeping any investors that it has, both in Louisiana, and elsewhere.

        For TB to admit the truth… Is COMMERCIAL AND ECONOMIC DEATH!!!

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