Weekend News


Lake FUBAR is very active starting at 6:31 a.m. (Sat.)

It shows well on LA12 but is on all of the helicorders.



It seems to be from this giant 6.4 quake way over in the Indian Ocean that happened at 6 a.m. CST (11 a.m. UTC).  So if these far away quakes cause such massive sloshing at Lake FUBAR on top of the local quakes they cause themselves …  how can Texas Brine claim everything’s settling down??

We added an earthquake map from LSU’s document to our earlier post – 2 (old) Docs Show 3-D View of Lake FUBAR.


St. Rose, Louisiana – DEQ expands testing for foul odor
28 complaints received about health problems

[snip] . . . . frowny2   “I spoke to people who are throwing up as I was talking to them. We have a health emergency on our hands, and yet the Department of Environmental Quality, (Department of Health and Hospitals), is asleep at the wheel,” Louisiana Bucket Brigade Executive Director Anne Rolfes said.

Miami Herald Oil’s thirst for water

By ERNEST HERNDON – Enterprise-Journal
MCCOMB, Miss. — It takes between 6 million and 11 million gallons of water to frack an oil well in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale formation of southwest Mississippi and central Louisiana.
Some two dozen wells have been fracked in Amite and Wilkinson counties since 2007, when TMS drilling got underway.
Oilfield watchers say those numbers could swell into the hundreds over the next few years and into the thousands beyond that.
Where will all the water come from?  (more)

Interesting info on the Yellowstone blog about drilling just posted.


20 thoughts on “Weekend News

    • David, there may be a connection between solar fairs and Indian ocean earthquake.
      6/14/2014 — Multiple X-class Flare particle blas…: http://youtu.be/qp_vaFfH8Jk

      Dutchsinse also just put out a video on major, major Italian flooding and Mt. Etna erruption along with hail storm.

    • i wonder if they are doing some work on Sundays… always suspicious of grumbles that start after 8 a.m. ….

  1. I was looking for a map that showed the dimension of that salt dome underground.
    I look up Napoleonville Salt Dome Dimension map no luck.

    And this Salt Dome map
    As far as I can tell this map show in one line in red the diameter of the salt dome underground.
    It does not show how deep it is in red.
    There is a Oxy #3 and a Oxy 3A on map.

    Napoleonville Salt Dome Area

  2. Not relevant to Bayou, but Oklahoma has been hit by some hefty Earthquakes today. 2 * 3.0, a 3.5 and a 4.2 all in the last 24hrs. Reports of “Strong” shaking made to USGS.

      • Yes, it worries me as our Government are pushing for Fracking in the UK and steamrollering through plans against public opinion. A 4.2 here would do a LOT of damage as we have no Earthquake preparedness at all and Brick / Concrete houses. Worth saying too, that one of the few fracking sites in existence here is already thought to have caused 2 small Earthquakes which caused minor damage and was shut down for a while as a result.

        Also, wondered about the potential impact on the new Madrid Fault? If it’s already due to rupture and Oklahoma sits at one end of it, isn’t any ground movement in Oklahoma potentially going to increase the stresses elsewhere on the fault line – or may even trigger a bigger quake?

      • It seems they can wreck any havoc they want with impunity. Got that idea after they nearly knocked over the Wash. monument.

  3. DA alarm due to South American(3 over 5.0) quakes. they show on the heilcorders early this AM. And one in OK in a new to me location for quakes. The South America quakes are in a series it looks like along the plate.

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