Lake FUBAR Sloshing Again

Every little thing seems to make Lake FUBAR go thumping like an out of balance washing machine when you try and wash a rug. At 7:30 a.m something pretty big set it off at LA10-03. It is so big it shows on LA14 which was adjusted to not show much of anything!


A big ‘ding’ at 11:05 a.m. – seen on the LA21 helicorder, plus others.


Helicorders_Oct2013 LA21 is right over the cavern!

The parish blog says they are changing over to CODE 2 at Lake FUBAR (limiting work).

At 4 p.m. (aka: 1600) there was another big ‘ding’ that shows on LA10-03. It shows on the Quake Watch graph but not on the U. of Memphis graph.

In case other, far away quakes are affecting Lake FUBAR, here’s some old info

South of Gulf of Mexico Shudders


Jitters Over Activity at the New Madrid Fault Zone + Mid-Atlantic Ridge Connection

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Yellowston Updated


54 thoughts on “Lake FUBAR Sloshing Again

  1. I’m reaching the conclusion that the reason why Lake Fubar is becoming a seismograph is because it’s quite literally ‘plugged in’ to the network, and I’m not talking about the man-made ones, I’m referring to the fault-line network, part of which runs directly beneath, if not through the salt-dome.

    Every time there’s an EQ it propagates through the network, usually unfelt, but in locations where there’s stress, or sensitivity, the ‘signal’ causes a reaction.

    The ‘reaction’ in Lake Fubar’s case is vibration, which to be honest is NEVER good, as it can only lead to stress induced failure and cracking, and in a worse-case scenario, complete subsidence.

    • I think of the soda-cracker idea of the whole Gulf ready to crack off …. thanks to too much drilling!

      • I’d be more concerned with the Caribbean plate, it’s quite literally being squeezed from every direction, rather like the Pacific plate, but way smaller.

        If the Caribbean plate gives way, and suddenly sinks, even if it’s just a foot or two, the devastation will be colossal on practically every landmass that surrounds it, and the Tsunami…

        We’re talking up to 1 MILLION cubic meters of water, for each foot that the plate sinks, rushing to fill the void… And then the waves moving back out in every direction.

        We’re talking waves that would make the Japanese tsunami into a ripple…

        Imagine a wave that is up to one quarter of the height of the one in ‘Deep Impact’ and then image what it’ll do to the lands that it reaches.

      • I guess I’d just get swept away without knowing the wave was even coming! Like Krakatoa.
        If the US Gulf coast snaps off and makes that big splash ….
        I doubt if NOAA, USGS etc. knew they’d even say anything since there’s nothing anyone could do in a hurry to avoid it.
        I guess I’d have a gin and tonic….

  2. There’s been ANOTHER MAR (Mid Atlantic Ridge) EQ –

    M4.6 – Reykjanes Ridge
    2014-06-16 13:13:57 UTC

    The time shown leads me to think that THIS may be the cause of the ‘trace’ that showed on LA 10-3 at 08:31:20 CDT ( 13:31:20 UTC )

    What caught my eye with this one, is that it’s in a ‘dogleg’ in the MAR fault system, one that points directly at the North-eastern end of the system that plays ‘host’ to the New Madrid fault-line., and is a possible connection point with that system.

  3. Too much salt carved out of salt formation causes cracked, riquety outer walls. There’s not enough support left to hold things together. Looks like we’re seeing the beginnings of the eventual colapse.

  4. I did say the DAs were alerting…there must be low level sound which can be picked up. ANF shows three small earthquakes in the east coast area..mountain ranges..

  5. I don’t know where this is in Arkansas there something big going on there.
    X502 HHZ NM 00 : Temporary, Arkansas

  6. Am hearing loud booms here in Virginia, three this AM. And of course..DAs are going NUTS. No sign of any reports of EQ on east coast, but certainly hear non-airplane booms, they sound different. Same sound as when the big quake hit in Mexico last month. Shakes the house, rattles dishes, DAs unhappy, very very.

    Code 2? Bet something fell in..wait for it..the video and the “we got it under control”…getting all that gas out..etc etc.

  7. I hope you aren’t too near the edge. If the whole thing collapses it will be big. Didn’t someone figure it could keep going to Baton Rouge? By then it will be too late for them to pay attention. Thanks for all of your work. I stopped giving stars because I can’t hardly even get on our blog or any wordpress without window shutting-getting logged out. Our password is complicated too. I really think it’s a defective device I have or coming from wordpress. I can’t take it to the doctor because I need it! Where I am located none of the people we write about can manipulate the internet. So it’s not that. I subscribed to the Hoffman blog and wordpress-my device usually crashes before I get through her compulsive reblogs on the reader. I guess I should unsubscribe but she reblogs interesting things but then I miss seeing your work and that of those who blog only once a day. Looks like you are staying super busy. But, just wanted to check in and say “hi”. Are you working on the EPA rad standard rule comments for August? Given your father’s background you would be up to the challenge. I need to remember to send you the link. Thanks again.

    • Nice of you to stop by.
      If you have a chance, let me know what you think of this interview with ‘trip wire’ here —
      (I am thinking the guest is not really a geologist).

      I am having a he11 time with WordPress too. It signs me out every time I close the computer and I have a longish password.
      I cannot comment on other blogs since everything crashes or bounces out when I do. This all began when Fukushima started to burn big time at the end of March.
      If you mention Fukushima your computer suddenly gets fatigue.
      Fukushima, Fukushima, Fukushima!

  8. I’m not sure if I got to the end of the interview or not as that page froze on me, I will start listening again later. I think the harder degree would be geophysicist that he claims to have. It matters if he lies but you know as well as I do how meaningless degrees are. It has always been the case that if you can read and obtain books-documents you can learn whatever. I do know that since at least the very beginning of the 1990s they have used sounding devices and computer models to see what’s going on underground. They searched for oil in Paris in this way. Paris France not Texas! A major mining company was doing this in Canada too with computer models. I think that based on what I’ve been told by an expert, which is that tiny quakes actually let off stress and can keep the big one from happening, that it would make sense that they would try to vent yellowstone to try to keep the big one from coming. You can see that on your stove top too, that you vent a pot by lifting it oh so gradually. The impact yellowstone would have has been in national geographic at least once and was very well known in media for a long time. I first read about it in the late 1990s or early 2000s (that I recall) and the smoke from it was supposed to come across as far as western Arkansas. The impact was supposed to be disastrous for the US economy. I don’t think they are hiding it. Just like California, some people love to sit on the edge, like people have their hurricane parties. I’m still patting myself on the back that I refused to move to California a few years ago. But, really no place is safe. There is a similar type of very dangerous volcano in Germany. Everyone needs to worry about this EPA comment period coming up ca 3 August. Unlike nature something can be done. It is very complex and hard to understand. There are ICRP standards but they must be gotten in a library or bought. I think the current one is more protective of breasts, which it needs to be, but less for genetic damage which is ridiculous (maybe it’s vice versa). If your father taught this I’m sure you are better placed to understand than almost anyone. The EPA links are within link below. I don’t even know where to start with it, it is so complicated. Someone promised to help but of course has done nothing. To make it worse one has to “translate” between US and international systems: From what I understand Sweden has a standard 10 times more protective than the international ICRP one (I think ICRP is chaired by a Swede). Sweden is STILL the biggest current polluter of the Baltic with radiation. So, I don’t want to imagine 10 times worse. The US EPA claims to have a better standard but it is false. The standard is for ALL radionuclides and the US just counts 2 or 3. I wish I had a map of what background rad was before 1945. They add onto background and each time there is more added with Chernobyl, etc. they average that world wide as BACKGROUND natural. There aren’t just curies and becquerels there are rems and sieverts which have weighting factors based on radiation type. Although it is all bogus there needs to be the most protection possible, especially with no FDA food protection now (1,500 Bq per kg US compared to 100 for Japan and Japan is supposed to be ALL and US is just two or three. Canada and Australia almost as bad as US). They are assuming that you eat only 10 percent contaminated food but if they don’t check how do they know? People need to demand public hearings. One group is doing so but only for those near NPP whereas it may eventually impact all. Oh, did you know that UK PM Cameron’s g-g-grandfather or ggg made his fortune on the Chicago grain trade? Didn’t those guys create a farmers revolt in the US? I know farmers populism came out of something similar in Canada. Notice Obama Chicago; Hillary from Chicago. Cameron tied to Chicago. Where there is smoke there may be fire.

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