Wed. News

LA Times –  Oklahoma coming to terms with unprecedented surge in earthquakes

“The state had 109 temblors measuring 3.0 or greater in 2013 — more than 5,000% above normal.”

“Scientists say the more likely cause of the recent increase is underground injection wells drilled by the oil and gas industry. About 80% of the state is within nine miles of an injection well, according to the Oklahoma Geological Survey.”

All Points Bulliten:
Has anyone seen Darrell Goad online? He used to post those vids all the time with the summary of the helicorders. Now his channel is almost blank. Comment if you can find out what happened.

2.3 quake at Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

Fuel Fix –
Bizarre sea creature caught on Gulf rig camera (video) < looks like a ray

Obama is pals with BP:
HOUSTON – In the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, BP fell from its perch as the biggest provider of jet fuel to the Department of Defense, barred from doing business with the federal government in late 2012.
Nearly two years later, BP has secured its first contract with the government’s military arm since the Obama Administration lifted the company’s debarment from federal contracts in March, a Defense Department spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday. . . .

On the Lake Peigneur saga –
The Daily IberianWaiting on Jindal: Governor’s signature all that’s needed for SB 585 About Lake Peigneur to become law

Senate Bill 585, which places a two-year moratorium on constructing solution-mined salt caverns in Iberia Parish, is awaiting Gov. Bobby Jindal’s signature after being sent to his office June 1 from the Secretary of the Senate.
“I’m anticipating a signature pretty soon,” said state Sen. Fred Mills, R-Parks, who pushed the bill through the House and Senate. “I think it’s just a matter of timing.”
Save Lake Peigneur President Nara Crowley said she is waiting until the bill is law before getting anything started, but she has been in contact with AGL Resources, the company hoping to construct two more Twin Tower-sized salt caverns beneath the lake. . . .


19 thoughts on “Wed. News

  1. Sea creature is really a BIG jellyfish..huge. Would not to meet that guy swimming. Wonder what they eat….for that size…going to call it THE BLOB.

  2. TO: Keith C. Mandeville
    Yes I do see that Central US earthquake map and the Earthquakes off Texas waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Are they pumping the Ogallala Aquifer dry ?
    Is the Ogallala Aquifer at risk of drying up in Oklahoma
    The America’s breadbasket aquifer would be a massive agriculture collapse for the US.

    The Plow That Broke the Plains, ca. 1937

  3. Today’s bell ringers where brought to you by…

    M5.7 – 88km WNW of Iquique, Chile
    2014-06-19 09:38:37 UTC

    M6.4 – 85km WNW of Sola, Vanuatu
    2014-06-19 10:17:58 UTC

    M4.5 – 87km WNW of Iquique, Chile
    2014-06-19 11:26:13 UTC

    It’s coming to something when Lake Fubar starts picking up ‘trace’ from 4.5’s down in Chile 😦

    LA 10-3 ‘trace’ starts with the 5.7 @ 04:48 CDT ( 09:48 UTC ) and continues through all three EQ’s.

    • TO: davidh7426 says:
      The earthquakes you are showing did not show up at the sinkhole the time is all wrong ?

      The LA-10 Surface recorder and other recorder around the sinkhole.
      At 04:07 CDT time or UTC time 09:07 June 19, 2014 it look like something went deep six at the sinkhole.

      At 6:09 CDT time or UTC time 11:09 there was movement at the sinkhole and the AR recorders show it as well.

      • Sorry Walter the times are correct, as is the ‘gif’ that I posted.

        Your helicorder ‘gif’ is for LA 10-1, that doesn’t show quakes, unless they’re very local or are VERY, VERY BIG !!!

        Helicorder LA 10-3 is the one I use to track EQ’s, if it doesn’t show on there, it’s either to small, to far away, or a combination of both.

        If it does show on LA 10-3, then I check the others.

      • what the heck?? Something ELSE fell over down there.
        Or some big fallen-in trees are on a ledge and they slide into the deep section when the jello shaking goes on.

      • Don’t get me wrong i am still learning on this.

        I am thinking the travel-time to get to sinkhole recorder was way too long for those earthquakes you had.
        What is the Travel–time curves
        I was thinking of the Seismic Waves and Travel-Time Curves.
        There a lot of types of Seismic Waves.
        The speed of the wave.
        Was it a P-wave a S-wave or a long wave how deep in earth was it ?
        Is the seismic waves traveling through the Earth ?
        Or is the seismic wave going around the earth ?

      • I have the time zone converter (for UTC etc.) on the sidebar in the REF section.
        I think maybe OK is shaking up the whole country.

      • I’m still learning too Walter…

        I’m pretty certain that the Vanatu EQ came the old-fashioned way, either by P or S waves, and I believe that it would have taken anything up to half an hour to reach Lake Fubar.

        The other two quakes in S. America being somewhat weaker would have barely registered on the helicorders, which is why I suspect that they came a different way… Via the fault-lines, rather like a geological telegraph system, and I also believe that due to the recent uptick in seismic activity, those fault lines are getting more responsive to outside stimulus, as is Lake Fubar.

        And if this is the case, then I believe that we’re going to see far more EQ’s showing up on the helicorders.

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