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At 3 A.M. there was a big ding at LA11. Notice they have set all of the helicorders to micro-settings to obscure the charts. So take this ding and magnify it 10x for real info. LA11 is down by the new-new south berm corner that was sagging in the last fly over video.


Florida (Gulf side) –  There’s a mystery in Lee County that’s impacting dog owners. Two dogs became extremely sick after swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and experts don’t know why. . . . (more)  MAP


Lake FUBAR is not stable.


21 thoughts on “Weekend News

    • Or the ones in South America. There was even a slight ocean wave seen on bouys off the west coast of South America at the location.

      • Those quakes around Chile are all concentrated in a small area … And OK is busy banging wildly non-stop!

  1. I wonder if the workers at Lake Fubar are working with the original data, or with the altered ( falsified ) data.

    Because if they’re working with the altered data, and someone gets seriously injured, or seriously dead, then TB may well be facing criminal negligence charges, or charges for negligent homicide, as well as a PR nightmare to end all nightmares. As will the rest of the industry, after all what one does, so may the others… Guilt by association.

    • Davidh, the data just appears to look nontroublesome because the y-axis(verticle) has been increased/adjusted to shorten ths peaks. It’s a mind game. Change the parameters while no one’s watching to make the graph look nonthreatening. However, the peaks are getting stronger. Who knows, when the peaks start to increase towards cut-off limitations CERI may increase the microvolts on the y-axis(verticle) yet again. Then wave peaks will appear lower again.

      • The only ‘good’ thing is the trouble areas seem to be south and west. Away from highway 70 (north).
        But way too near the butane!

    • I truly hope that no-one dies because of TB’s mendacity, the thought that they’d willingly put peoples lives at risk, by having the helicorders altered just so that TB can look good, is just borderline evil.

      • I am waiting for them to gets sued over this.
        And Jindal is culpable as well. The monitoring is mandated by those emergency declarations from his office and the follow up or non-follow up on this dereliction of compliance is up to Baton Rouge.

      • I wonder if the media know that the helicorders have been ‘desensitized’ and possibly putting workers lives at risk…

        Perhaps someone should let them know, just in case 😉

  2. Increasing the microvolts/division on the y-axis(verticle) will show the peeks lower and no cut-off will occur–like CERI has done. Decreasing the microvolts/division on the y-axis(verticle) will show the peeks higher and cut-off will occur. So as we’ve seen, ceri has actually increased the y-axis(vertical) settings, which shows the peeks lower than the past. The correct description might be “increased y-axis(verticle) settings” to produce peeks that don’t appear as troubling. The descdiption is not “micro settings,” but “macro y-axis(verticle) settings,” to use your terminology. CERI didn’t adjust the x-axis(horizontal) settings, which would effect the width of the waves.

    • Davidh, yes they did.
      To simplify things a little further, grab some graph paper. You have a 1 microvolt peek to plot on your graph. You make each square on the y-axis(verticle) equal 1 microvolt. To plot a 1 microvolt peek would be just 1 square on the y-axis(verticle).
      Now if you changed you graph perameters making each square on the y-axis(verticle) equal 0.5 microvolts on the y-axis(verticle). Your peek of 1 microvolt would reach 2 squares on the y-axis(verticle).
      As I have just explained, making the micovolts larger on the y-axis(verticle) will make the peek appear smaller.

      • Who has time to take graph paper every time and plat it out every time, we the people are going by the word as is.
        Someone said
        Need more information. The y and x axis are both time related. It does not show the ratio of strength. It only shows activity of Central Standard Time and activity in minutes. This is useless information, to me, without more to show what is going on. The seismograms only show a record of how the ground moved at a particular seismograph station in the Southeastern U.S. during a 24-hour period. It does not show strength. Why doesn’t the site show good information? It is only time related. Nothing on strength or force.

      • Walter, I was just using graph paper as an example to explain the relationship between the y-axis(verticle) microvolts/division and the wave peaks. Once you understand the simple graph explaination, you can apply this new knowledge to the CERI graphs.

    • I say CERI because the information is on their site. The company that displays the Helicorder information is nanometrics.ca. Flyingcuttle, I know you’ve been mentioning this Canadian Company for awhile.

  3. When Flyingcuttlefish multiplies the peaks by 10, the microvolts/division would be divided by 10 giving a setting of 50 microvolts/division.

    • I’lll take yr word for it. All I know is it was much easier to see the way they had it before.
      And this Canadian company jiggering with it is unresponsive no matter what you do (register at their site etc. etc.).

  4. Now we got Plus or Minus Scale to work with trying to read the Helicorder recorders.
    Where is 143B HHZ N4 — : Socs Landing, Pioneer, LA at.
    How about a Stations List.
    Look for 143B
    Code: N4.441B Name Storozyszyn Site, DeRidder, LA, USA
    Code: N4.342B Name: Flagon Creek Properties, Pineville, LA, USA
    Code: N4.143B Name: Socs Landing Pioneer, LA USA
    Code: LI.LTL Name: Livingston, LA, USA
    Code: N4.545B Name: Wilberts Farm, Edgard, LA, USA

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