Big Quake in Eastern Gulf of Mexico Wed.

ANF map shows a 5.1M quake off Texas this morning. USGS doesn’t show it but they didn’t show the last one either.


Thanks to reader, Kitty for the tip – 😉

We reported a quake near that spot in May. It is not the same location. If it were it would have hinted at a machine malfunction.

Here is the map from May 21st quake –



Gulf event map

If it’s a mistake (no news reports about it and no one reports feeling any effects) it may be this –

SNOFLU is an acronym for Sudden Noise Onset Fixed by Lock/Unlock. It is a known sensor issue with certain datalogger types, when for no apparent reason the station channel(s) start to get noisy. This is fixed by a physical mass position lock and unlock process on the sensor.

Old but good – on nutty Jindal –  FLASHBACK: Bobby Jindal’s Exorcism Problem


11 thoughts on “Big Quake in Eastern Gulf of Mexico Wed.

  1. There is a slosh at 2 AM in several of the helicorders. So it could be a quake event, but would expect more like the 5.1 NM quake shake up in the recordings. But something sloshed..dialed down or not..

    • messing with me every which way!
      And as of this week when I look at news stories like LA Times or WashPost in the little news items (faux ads) along the sides and bottom …. the most obscene, disgusting items now appear. All relating to bodily functions or x-x-x rated garbage teaser headlines that none of the papers would approve as adverts… ever.

  2. At Energy News the headlines reads Very strong’ quake hits New Mexico border
    In comments they talking about your web site.

    I don’t think they found all the comments on your web site.
    On Subject: Weekend News – Terrible Seismos Sunday – 7.9 quake Alaska June 28, 2014
    I don’t think they found disposal of radioactive wastes into geologic formations in Oak Ridge TN the research was done at X-10 in 1965.
    I don’t think they found all the comments on 5.2 earthquake in New Mexico on Sunday 29th but was not it was in Arizona and just how shallow it was.
    Or that web site you have Dutchsinse’s craton plate moving map look really scary.

    • Thanks, Walter. I’ll check. That quake site is over the border in NM on the map but all the reports keep calling it Ariz. 😉

  3. I haven’t finished reading story yet, but it fits nicely into blog.
    …Curiously, in 2008, two years after the earthquake the government, using some private seismic data from BP, which was not calibrated for capturing earthquake activity, actually relocated the epicenter to a preferred position farther away from the Atlantis location…..This should mean that the seismic activity is quiet.  Yet the earthquake activity of recent years has reenergized the question of earthquake causes in the Gulf…Of course it is unknown what affect a major earthquake in the heart of the oil producing regions might have on all these active and abandoned wells.
    American Association of Petroleum Geologist (AAPG), Jack M. Reed, deceased, did not buy the long-held theory of a quiet geologic evolution of the Gulf of Mexico Basin…After studying for years the geologic formations of the Gulf and surrounding regions, Mr. Reed formulated his own theory that the Gulf of Mexico is currently tectonically active.
    Gulf of Mexico Earthquakes May Warn of Coming Catastrophe

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