New Madrid Fault Zone has its own fireworks + July 4 News

2.8 quake at Malden, Missouri (Southeast corner of MO next to Tenn.)

There was a 6.6M quake in Papua New Guinea area that may show on the helicorders. But they are doing such a barn dancy by themselves it is hard to tell.

Not to be outdone, Lake FUBAR gets the shakes for the holiday.

The AdvocateBayou Corne property owners face Saturday deadline


41 thoughts on “New Madrid Fault Zone has its own fireworks + July 4 News

      • Last time I looked Fcf… The Azores where ALL volcanoes, and yes that BIG BAD volcano that your referring to is one of them.

        And I believe that there are 13 of the little darlings, all just waiting to pop their corks.

      • Hierro is in the Canary Islands, a distance of 1755 km away, where as the Azores, are only 655 km away, AND sits right on top of the MAR.

        It would take an EQ of 8 or 9 on the MAR to turn the Canaries into active participants of this little dance contest.

        Where as an EQ of 6 or higher directly under the Azores would have them singing like the proverbial ‘fat lady’, landslides and all.

      • that’s a good report!
        This year there has been on and off activity there that gets people very nervous!
        We talk about it at radioactivechat

      • Fabulous, that’s all we need the Azores and the Canaries forming a duet, and the MAR ( Mid Atlantic Ridge ) rumbling like an 18st trucker after 16 pints and a double helping of Vindaloo curry.

        Things are likely to get messy !!!

      • Lots of sleeping Giants! We sailed to both the Azores, Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, and to East Caribbean..where there is Jumping Jenny, and visited the volcanos on each island. Several are active in the E. Caribbean. So its not just one place if the tectonic plates get active. And then there Iceland.

  1. I think you are right, parts of Florida also. The St. Johns River feeds into the Atlantic near Jacksonville. Years ago it was only 6 inches above sea level. When rising oceans overcome this the ocean will flow back into Florida creating islands.

    And make no mistake, we are experiencing sea rise. A sudden tilt in the earth axis which is ongoing now could cause problems that would seem to most almost magical.

  2. First comment did not take.

    Louisiana will submerge as will many parts of Florida. The St. Johns River which feeds into the Atlantic near Jacksonville, Florida is only 6 inches above sea level. That is figure from years ago however. When it reaches sea level due to rising ocean levels, parts of Florida will become islands.

    Who is to say what the Cumbre Viejo volcano could do.

    • I don’t know why all the comments are getting sidetracked lately.
      Wordpress is really screwy!


  3. 4.6 EQ near San Diego CA..and they are moving KIDS there? NUTS.Move them to Washington DC and the Whitehouse…

  4. It looks like New York state had a ‘baby boomer’ today, just 50 km north of the Bronx’s…

    M2.5 – 2km ESE of Highland Falls, New York
    2014-07-05 14:46:39 UTC

    And due south of this little bundle of fun is the Indian Point energy Centre.

    Yes, at a distance of ONLY 8km there lies a NUCLEAR POWER PLANT, isn’t life fun.

    And just in case that doesn’t worry you, there’s this…

    The Big Yapple has it’s very own fault system… The Ramapo fault

    It’s a rather quiet fault system by all accounts.


    And then there’s THIS…

  5. I was away from this blog for a short while, after posting, to assemble a scary story about a typhoon. When I came back to post my assembled story, you Flyingcuttlefish, were already on to something.
    Keep an eye on super typhoon Neuguri headed for southern Japan.  Track has storm going west of Fukushima nuclear disaster site.

    Satellite Image.

    If I wasn’t checking the intellicast global satellite I never would have known. MSM sure hasn’t, to my knowledge, said a word.

    • all this Fuku stuff is on the FC blog (for topics) … I am sure Watchers and everybody is watching with baited breath… especially the live cams.

  6. I checked Flyingcuttlefish Picayune for a good place to drop this link. I don’t know where discussion is located.
    Typhoon Neoguri was 700 miles wide and is pushing the jet stream to cause cold weather(autumn-like) into the midwest and northeast early next week. I’m hearing 10°F-30°F colder than normal. The northwest will warm. The typhoon will be pushing its way through Tokyo Friday.

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