Weekend News & Early Monday Twang

Saturday the helicorders are jumpy.

The AdvocateResidents settle for $48 million in sinkhole lawsuit

” . . .  The settlement comes a few weeks after Texas Brine closed on the last of the 66 direct, out-of-court property buyouts and appears to provide a path toward conclusion for another wave of Bayou Corne residents displaced by the sinkhole disaster now more than 20 months old.

Several suits over the sinkhole are pending against Texas Brine and are not part of the proposed settlement, including those brought by pipeline companies, large landowners, parish government and the state. . . . “

Lake FUBAR is a regular juke joint!


Sunday – Ditto

After midnight (12:15 a.m. Monday) there was something big that went “twang” at Lake FUBAR.

Shows here on LA12 but it was on most helicorders.



8 thoughts on “Weekend News & Early Monday Twang

  1. Mexico got a good twang this morning.
    M 7.1 – 17km WSW of Mazatan, Mexico

    DYFI? – VTsunami Warning Center
    Time2014-07-07 06:23:58 UTC-05:00Location14.800°N 92.600°WDepth76.0km

  2. DAs alerted very early this am..they heard something..anf.ucsd.edu showed shadow events in canada..so knew something was happening. Just had to wait for the catch up. Slosh slosh slosh.

  3. Actually RSOE shows two separate 7.1 quakes at different places and different depths at the same time. Guess Fubar and elsewhere is rocking and rolling.

    • yes …. FUBAR didn’t even slow down (it was off the charts so don’t know how big really) for about 25 min. then still very big (ongoing)…

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