Dear DNR,

  • Why haven’t you made PHOTOS available of the mess at Bayou Corne in over a year?


  • Why have you stopped the fly over videos? They used to be routinely posted. Now they come out less than monthly even though dramatic berm failures/sinking are happening.


  • Why aren’t you updating the public about the amount of methane at Lake FUBAR?  Other scientists are concerned about it.




2 thoughts on “Dear DNR,

    • more to come since they didn’t change the things that needed changing 20 years ago.
      ….and didn’t stop these HAARP goons and end teetering nukes ….
      Tipping point achieved.
      No one showed up to the paltry nuke protests. Went on SUV buying spree instead.
      Glug, glug, glug, waste, waste, waste, consume, consume, consume, ….

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