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Gas-Charged Earthquakes Linked to Mysterious Louisiana Sinkhole

Surges of gas-charged fluid may have explosively generated the earthquakes preceding a giant sinkhole in Louisiana, researchers say.

These findings could lead to a better understanding of how pressurized fluids can trigger earthquakes and tremors, scientists added. . . .

     the jig is up

” . . . .  Frequent tremors were reported in the two months before the sinkhole opened. Researchers had suspected the collapse of a plugged-up, abandoned salt cavern underneath the Napoleonville salt dome may have caused these small earthquakes and the sinkhole.

“Mine collapses in Utah have made earthquakes before,” said lead study author Avinash Nayak, a seismologist at the University of California, Berkeley. . .  “

At 8:02 a.m. there was a big ding seen on many helicorders. Doubt it is from work trucks. LA21 shows it.

The officials say they are switching to CODE 2.


 Santiaguito volcano in Guatemala is waking up today.


2 thoughts on “Wed. News

  1. Good thing this was planned out enough to be sure none of this gas charged fluid would ever make it near the two nuke plants north of there and astute scientists would make sure no fracking occurred in this area ………. oh wait!

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