Fluid Movement at Lake FUBAR


Fluid sloshes dramatically at 4 a.m.. It shows well at LA10-03 and here at LA12. Here’s the view from LA17-02 but 17-01 looks more calm so it isn’t sloshing from some outside event or quake. It is local source …
4 a.m. CST is 9 a.m. GMT (USGS time stamp).

The helicorder listed as being from ‘Temorary’ (town name or temp. ??), Arkansas shows complete mush underground. We don’t know what is going on. Is Lake FUBAR affecting the New Madrid fault zone?




15 thoughts on “Fluid Movement at Lake FUBAR

  1. Looks like a quake in N. America about 4 AM Eastern time..at least the DAs say so. ANF shows quakes in Canada. ANF needs time to relocate to correct locations, reports and relocation occur frequently. BUT accurately depict something happened.

    • I thought it was a quake too… but when you look at all of the helicorders (4 a.m.) some show sloshing and some do not. When there’s a big quake the sloshing happens at all of them.
      I’d say it’s a Bayou Corne event.
      Then there’s AR helicorders (at the top of the page) that are really showing sloshing.

  2. The fluid movement certainly indicated some quakes. ANF shows Three over 5.0 in Canada..no other sites mention yet. But takes hours to post ‘verified’ quakes on a lot of sites. Nothing seen in Iceland either.

    • I saw that. Grumbles.
      It is self-sloshing now.
      Something is up.
      They moved the trailer.
      The declared Code 2 (which they hardly ever do)
      They had to stop NOVA film crew because of seismic activity.
      Now this washing machine stuck on agitate.

    • I think it is a rig …. or Bayou Corne sending methane underground everywhere.
      OR – 😦 that big methane lake BP released….

  3. Looks like something pretty drastic occurred between 1200 and a little after 1300 at LA 10 today. Don’t forget that the y-axis, mvolts/division has been readjusted to make the waves/pulses appear much smaller than when the Helicorders were first installed at the sinkhole.

    Bottom borehole–slight activity.

    LA 10 mid-borehole–high amplitude cutoff activity.

    LA 10 Surface borehole–high amplitude cutoff activity.

    • … agggg…. due to bad connection today I cannot update!
      My telco has tech issue today (not my computer).
      Thanks for update.
      Took me 2 hours to log into wordpress 😦

  4. In a recent article it stated that in Temporary Ar. it was mush? I live in Arkansas.. thats a bit un-nerving! What does this mean?

    • well maybe that spot is all sandy or something.
      OR … maybe that helicorder is out of wack.
      Do compare it with a second source.
      At least i know Temorary is a real town and not saying the spot is a short-term monitor location! 🙂
      Walter, weigh in please ….

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