Tech. Issues Here (Notification)

[ this post is temporary ]

There is a technical problem here with the internet provider.

Many connections fail. Others are slow. WordPress is hard to log into due to slow connection and time outs.

So this blog will be updated ASAP, hopefully by Thursday.

No access from here to the helicorders so please comment as you see changes since I cannot do updates at the moment.

Sorry for the absence of news and updates – FC


5 thoughts on “Tech. Issues Here (Notification)

    • If anything happens just put it in a comment.
      It looks like I can see those.
      Still cannot see helicorders.
      I called the telco and they are working on it so it isn’t something at my end.

  1. LA 12 & LA 18 are making some unusual noises. I checked the new Helicorder location map I sent you, and those two Helicorders are near the western junction of the new and old south berm. Could just be heavy activity from work trucks.

    Watching the typhoon nearing the Philippines.

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