SF ChronicleAnswers on link between injection wells and quakes

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Helicorders grmubling at 5 a.m. – It isn’t workers. July 10 story (we missed) from WAFB – has video. Oh, but they went back to Code 1. Still work doesn’t usually start til about 7 or 8 a.m. at Lake FUBAR.

UPDATE: At 6:49 a.m. CST there was a giant 6.0 quake up in Alaska. It may affect helicorders. At 7:12 LA14 had major fluid movement but not all the helicorders showing that. LA12 had the same starting a few minutes earlier. But LA12 was already grumpy before the Alaska quake.

Real Coastal WarriorsFlesh-eating bacteria in the Gulf, more. BP screwed up all the lifeforms in the Gulf.

The DNR hasn’t put out a subsidence report since January(!). Did they not bother to do one or are they just keeping it secret? And the last bubble site map was from May. It shows lots of sites north of LA70. What’s a “seismic shothole”??

France weighs in on Bayou Corne disasterEnglish translation, original: Quelque chose d’énorme qu’ils ne veulent pas que vous voyez : Update sur le Sinkhole de la Louisiane

Unexplained: Temporary, Ark. helicorders are doing skiing moguls. What the heck??




9 thoughts on “WED. & THURS. NEWS

  1. I like this song from the desolation of the earth to where it’s reborn again to it become void again.
    The opening “Procession” was a piece that was intended to describe the history of music from the beginning of time to now.
    only three words heard in this track – “desolation,” “creation,” and “communication”
    The Moody Blues – Every Good Boy Deserves Favour album

  2. I think you read that wrong, Lake Fubar is a seismic shit hole, not shot hole. Make sense? Lol. Just had to get that in…sorry…carry on, keep up the good work there. 🙂

  3. This has been happening for years even before BP especially in the intercoastal waterway over around Coca Beach where they empty sewage into the waters.

  4. Heilcorder at top of LA not shot hole…shows THREE events. The lower levels of the borehole do not show the same size event. So, what happened?

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