Some Seismic Activity Monday

It started a little before 5:30 a.m. – seen here on LA12.

At 9:54 CST there was a huge 6.8  quake off Fiji. It was very deep so maybe it is the shallow ones that shake up the helicorders from far away. It doesn’t show on helicorders at Bayou Corne. Then before noon all the helicorders had an outage for about an hour and a half. Looks like some tech issue.


Strange Sounds – Loud Boom: Increasing Number Of Mystery Booms Around The World – July 2014

Florida has a giant new sinkhole threatening homes – see comments.


6 thoughts on “Some Seismic Activity Monday

    • These Florida sinkholes are because the state is mostly flimsy limestone that melts away under people’s homes when water intrudes.
      Plus fracking is moving the water table all around.
      Plus they let developers build homes where they shouldn’t.
      Whole state is sinking into the sea!

  1. This was on ANF, but no other maps that I could see.

    5.7 mb
    15 km
    UTC Time
    15:06:46 July 21st, 2014 UTC
    W. Arizona-Sonora Border Region, California – Nevada Region

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