Code 2 at Lake FUBAR + NEWS

11:20 a.m. Update from the Office of Conservation

Sinkhole Activity Code 2 – indicating work is not allowed on sinkhole and within containment berms. Seismic monitoring indicates increase in levels of subsurface activity near sinkhole/Oxy 3.”

Oxy 3 would be this almost half million BARRELS of butane at Oxy 3


(no  Crosstex “updates” in 10 days)

They  must be in reference to this grumbling at LA10-01. And pretty big at LA18.  And it all got way worse after 1 p.m.

UPDATE: After midnight many helicorders konked out for 3 hours. LA11 shows it.

Extinction Protocol – Earthquakes are rising in Oklahoma: 2,300 tremors reported since January

Real Coastal Warriors – FSU Law Professor Dan Markel, who wrote numerous articles including this one in the NY Times, stressing that BP should NOT be able to deduct punitive damages awards was found dead, shot in the head as police are looking for clues. . . .

Kean Miller targeted by lawsuit alleging divided loyalties in sinkhole litigation

Vulcan Materials, a longtime client of Baton Rouge-based Kean Miller, is suing its former law firm in Baton Rouge district court. Vulcan alleges Kean Miller breached its duties to Vulcan while working for Texas Brine, the firm blamed for the Bayou Corne sinkhole. Vulcan says Kean Miller failed to advise Vulcan of the sinkhole’s emergence or the fact that Vulcan was being accused by Texas Brine of contributing to the cause of it. . .

WAFB – Work on Bayou Corne sinkhole gets delayed again

25 thoughts on “Code 2 at Lake FUBAR + NEWS

  1. There something going on at the sinkhole and around the sinkhole ?
    Is the land dropping or is the salt dome is beginning to breaking up ?

    It’s in the way there saying it they saying there increase in levels of subsurface activity near sinkhole.
    Just how near to the sinkhole ?
    I look at the Seismic monitors I did not see anything on anyone of them from today and yesterday.

    I look at LA-10 bottom borehole
    Here is some movement
    Some movement at 19:44 CDT time or UTC time at 00:44 time

    And LA-12

    Here is all the seismic monitors recorder at the sinkhole every the three Arkansas recorder.

  2. Bet its subsidence and maybe increase in gas from the OXY3 area which is causing the ‘concern’ by TEXAS BRINE. Since the helicorders are not showing the activity, they have to be looking at SOMETHING!

    • a BIG mystery!!

      Only non-frightening scenario is if there is un-manned ‘work’ being done at the site like some pumps or something operating that are making all the ‘noise’.
      But I doubt it.

  3. LA18 and LA12 both continue with sesmic looking events..constant activity. HUM…wonder what the TOP of the sinkhole is doing?? Would love a fly over right now.

  4. Never did find what I was looking for, they were Conducting a sinkhole depth/profile survey and depth survey in Oxy-3 cavern.


    Click to access Bubble_Site_Mitigation_and_Monitoring_Factsheet_FINAL-071714.pdf

    From Bayou Corne Incident
    This page contains the latest information about Texas Brine’s response to the Bayou Corne incident.
    Assumption Parish Photo Site

      • That where LA-11 recorder is at that part of the new road.
        Remember this one at the sinkhole
        Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper(a project of LEAN)

    • Reading the fact sheet..I see “we believe’ the gas southern area is from historical old gas deposits..BUT WHERE IS THE ANALYSIS? You know, the fingerprints of the oil and gas which has been taken since the beginning. Some info on that has been released..when Texas Brine can say its what was expected…BUT not all tests…would like to see a spread sheet of all the samples and results of origin of oil and gas samples. Air and Water testing results too.
      Seems like a lot of testing and no results..kind of a coverup looking effort…

  5. I was looking at the Arches National Park in Utah the 2014 park quarter.
    And I did a search on the park here is what I found.
    And I was reading about the Geology of the salt bed in this park.
    The weight of this cover (sediments) caused the salt bed below it to liquefy and thrust up layers of rock into salt domes.

  6. Looking at heicorders this am, July 24, and lots of missing data..all the same data times for most of the recorders. One of the temp 702s looks very weird, but just one. Power issue? Human issue?

    • I think it is changing batteries … but that usually makes them go dead less than an hour.
      Anyway it is a tech issue ….
      They may be recording data but it is not getting to the PC or whatever.

  7. WIPP Update
    Let see if they can get there storey right this time what happen there.
    I don’t think it was kitty litter I like to learn more about that Green burst that happen there.
    The zapping sounds in and around the power station that day I like to learn about this.

    July 24 – The City of Carlsbad and DOE will co-host a town hall meeting featuring updates on WIPP recovery activities. The meeting is scheduled at 5:30 p.m. Location: Carlsbad City Council Chambers, 101 N. Halagueno Street. Live streaming of the meeting can be seen at

    • This is what I think about “green burst”: A good description of the basics is here:

      My special interest is to the chapter:
      “Spectral Emission: This is somewhat speculative, but there have been some who have reported a glow in the air around extremely radioactive material or radiation emissions. It is difficult to document this effect because most of those who would observe it would probably be dead, but it has been reported in criticality accidents that a glowing region of air was produced. It is believed that this may be the effect of ionization of the oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere. This same effect is what produces the Aurora Borealis and is why sparks of electricity have a blue glow. It has been observed in ion beams from particle accelerators. Being composed primarily of nitrogen and oxygen, the atmosphere at sea level tends to produce a dim, light blue glow if ionized.”

      A very simple reasoning: there has been ionization of oxygen and nitrogen even without the electromagnetic field. Normally you won’t see it exept in particle accelerators. The effect is too small and dispersed in the fallout cloud. But the electrical substation transforms DC (which is used for overhead power cables) into AC (which is used by WIPP). So somewhere there is a strong electrical negative pole or more than one nearby. The positive nitrogen and oxygen ions are attracted to this point in the substation. Tiny lightening sources are directed and concentrated. The concentration makes the light visible. The green burst does not “come from” the electrical substation, it “goes to” the electrical substation.

      Why only green (main line of nitrogen spectrum) and not yellow and blue (main lines of oxygen spectrum)? I suppose: the effective cross section of the oxygen ion to capture an electron and emit the blue and yellow light, is higher than the cross section of nitrogen. So the oxygen ion is neutralized too fast to become sufficiently concentrated by the electrical forces. The blue and yellow light exists – but we cannot see with human eyes. Anyway: the security man of WIPP should have seen a little bit of yellow and blue…

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