What Happened at Lake FUBAR at 6 A.M. Friday???

Something BIG.  Seismos + fluid movement.


It shows on LA12


To get into the spirit of the Code 2 declaration, Crosstex is ADDING a lot more butane to the cavern next to sunken berm corner!

On July 13 it had 498,803 barrels in Well #1.


jarheads …


21 thoughts on “What Happened at Lake FUBAR at 6 A.M. Friday???

  1. 3.4 earthquake in KS this am, 7/26, shallow. And a 2.1 in Virginia yesterday. The DAs are going nuts since the AK quake. Bayou Corne must be sloshing. Oh..and the Alaska quake..not showing up on USGS pages. Go figure..the rest of the world has the quake showing….just not USGS! Hard to hide an elephant in a tea room.

  2. The Kansas 3.4 quake shows up on a couple helicorders, guess we could trace the connection up the Madrid fault from that?

    • LA19, LA14, LA11 in that order show the KS quake I believe. And of course poor old X702 is still ringing like a bell..all the time sensative..wonder what that one is for and where.
      On the other three helicorders..are they in the same area? Just curious they show activity with the KS quake and the others dont or so faintly they can hardly be seen.

      • TPTB don’t want the destruction publisized because this would allow further understanding of the mess that has been done plus give an insight into what is to come. The longer Texas Brine holds out, the more likely something else will surface to falsely blame Texas Brine’s mishandling of the brining of the OXY3 salt cavern. There could already be communication beneath the ground with the nearby Crosstex Butane salt cavern. I don’t understand how officials can allow Crosstex to utilize those Butane salt caverns with the area being so unstable. Corruption comes to mind!

      • and Crosstex is packing in much more butane!
        And it isn’t even cold in the north states … so demand cannot be so super high.

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