Tues. -Seismic Activity Near Oxy 3 (and then helicorders konk out there) Explained + Big Mexico Quake Sloshes Lake FUBAR

A false alarm story –

This looks fishy. Lots of seismic activity shows on the SE corner of Lake FUBAR, where the new-new berm is sinking and then the helicorders at that area all konk out. At about 2 p.m. Monday and they are still off-line. Here is LA18 – it is still working and shows constant grumbles going on.

The trouble is near home base on this map –


LA21_Jul28_2014     |    heli_button


Parish Blog Update: They went back to CODE 1 … maybe someone pulled a plug.

Oh, . . .  it says …

“- Replacing data cards on seismic monitoring equipment”.  So that is why everything is blank.

Newer Parish Blog Update – (oops!) confused back to CODE 2!


At 5:46 A.M. CST there was a giant 6.3 quake in Mexico. It is more near the Gulf than the Pacific but not on the coast. It severely sloshed Lake FUBAR for over half an hour as seen on this (working) helicorder at LA18. fluid

What does all of this big sloshing over self-made and external seismic events do to the damaged cavern walls?

More from Dutchsinse – 6.3M earthquake strikes Mexico — Unrest picking up in pace



We updated the last post about the crater in Siberia because they found a third one(!).

The ANF map shows 2 big 5.6 quakes today that USGS isn’t showing. ONE IS IN THE GULF OF MEXICO! The other one is on Missouri and Arkansas border.



Gulf event map

Thanks to Harriette for the tip – 😉

Impact of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Coral Communities Is Deeper and Broader than Predict  – the article mentions all kinds of fancy stuff at U. Of Miss. that could easily be used to look at Lake FUBAR.



12 thoughts on “Tues. -Seismic Activity Near Oxy 3 (and then helicorders konk out there) Explained + Big Mexico Quake Sloshes Lake FUBAR

  1. These 2 show up on ANF map, did not see on the other maps.

    5.6 mb
    15 km
    UTC Time
    10:49:30 July 29th, 2014 UTC
    Gulf Of Mexico, Eastern North America



    5.6 mb
    15 km
    UTC Time
    10:50:11 July 29th, 2014 UTC
    Missouri-Arkansas Border Region, Eastern North America


    Review status

  2. Those quakes have got to be Gremlins in the system.

    Same magnitude, same depth and within 30 seconds of each other.

    Where are the news stories / damage reports? (5.6 is a fair jolt!)

    Don’t think they happened…

    • I just wrote ANF asking for clarification.
      I know there are constant quakes in OK … buy 5.6 is pretty big.
      I see many same magnitude quakes in nearby locations in the Caribbean etc. I would like to find a link for teleVB … who made the report in the first place.

  3. Assumption Parish Police Jury Update
    4:00 p.m. Update from the Office of Conservation
    Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Response Activity
    Tuesday, July 29 work-
    Sinkhole Activity Code 2 – indicating work is not allowed on sinkhole and within containment berms. Seismic monitoring indicates increased levels of subsurface activity near sinkhole/Oxy 3.

  4. I have always find it curious as to what people are really trying to convey when they use adjectives such as giant etc with respect to earth quakes. A 6.3 is classified as “strong” not “giant”. I would like to suggest using relative standard “adjectives” in this regard. See:
    Which also gives estates as to the related damage for the various ranges.

    • A 6.3 earthquake would have more of a impact and more severe in Tennessee them a 6.3 in California and I would say it well be felt all the way to New York.

    • I use ‘giant’ for quakes bigger than 4 or 5 which I call ‘big’.
      It’s not official term, I know, but 6.3 is pretty big in my book. Don’t want one under me!
      Many smaller quakes happening constantly in Mexico and Chile etc. do not reach Bayou Corne.
      I will copy your list for future use… but do not be surprised to see the usual slang in my headlines.

  5. North American cratons and basement rocks

    You ever see a river that goes North before in the U.S.
    Look at the Tennessee river it begins in Virginia and North Carolina from there to Knoxville TN then to Chattanooga TN from there into Alabama and from there into Mississippi the Alabama-Mississippi boundary from there it goes North into Tennessee from there It flows into the Ohio River at Paducah, Kentucky.

    The Cumberland River Watershed began in Kentucky from there into north-central Tennessee the Nashville TN Watershed from there it goes north back into Kentucky it as well goes into the Ohio River.

    New Madrid Earthquake – It Will Be Sudden.

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