Lots of Grumbling at Lake FUBAR Wed. – and a BIG THUMP Thurs. at 5:04 A.M.



It looks pretty calm at Lake FUBAR. The grumbles died down then a giant THUMP at 5:04 a.m.. Shows here at LA12


Oddly, it shows BIGGER on the surface of LA10 than at the bottom borehole.


Lots of rain due all week at Bayou Cornestarting Friday.

Get ready for a sh*t storm on Aug. 2ndStrange Sounds – There is an incoming solar storm with Earth-directed component
On July 30, 2014, a dark magnetic filament erupted from the Sun surface!
“Scientists have calculated that this sun storm will alter Earth’s magnetic field on August 2nd. The storm cloud should create auroras in the northern sky.”

Residents: Reminder on How to Leave if Hwy 70 Closed

Crosstex had a merger and has a new name – since Jan. – EnLink Midstream is their new name.
Crosstex Energy, Devon Energy to be known as EnLink Midstream

“. . . The deal will combine Crosstex with the midstream assets of Devon, an independent oil and gas driller based in Oklahoma City. The new company will control more than 6,400 miles of pipeline, serving fields including the Barnett Shale and Eagle Ford, the companies said in October. “

We missed this July 8 item – ‘Explosive’ earthquakes may be the cause of mysterious Bayou Corne sinkhole

“. . . Now, researchers are suggesting that surges of gas-charged fluids may have generated an ‘explosive’ quake that could have played a role in the sinkhole’s formation.”

Science publisher press release about it

Pay-per-view: Moment Tensor Inversion of Seismic Events Associated with the Sinkhole at Napoleonville Salt Dome, Louisiana

Got the chills? Here’s some  HOT AIR from Texas Brine!

Not related to the salt dome collapse, but of interest for methane topic –
“We are sniffing methane” – vast methane plumes discovered escaping from the seafloor of Arctic ocean

” . . . Chief scientist Örjan Gustafsson from Stockholm University speculates in his latest blog entry that the leaking methane from the seafloor of the continental slope may have its origins in collapsing “methane hydrates,” clusters of methane trapped in frozen water due to high pressure and low temperature.”


15 thoughts on “Lots of Grumbling at Lake FUBAR Wed. – and a BIG THUMP Thurs. at 5:04 A.M.

    • just saw that! … got the art up …
      weird it was so much more on the surface than lower at LA10.
      Bad thought for the day: What if these self-generated seismos are because of spilled radioactive waste (like at WIPP) and that is why they are increasing in frquency… broken barrels setting off other broken barrels.

      Also, weird – the quick return to Code 2 without any especially big event showing on the helicorders. hmmmm…..

      • That Code 2 was for July 29, 2014 at 4:00 pm today is July 31, 2014

        There was more movement at LA-12 all the way to LA-19 at 6:10 CDT time it’s not on the Arkansas records.

        They’re going to be a lot of movement when that big storm get there.
        I can’t say if that storm well dip that low or not ?

      • if the storm brings in a lot of rain I think the added weight of it will create stress on the berms and on caverns below… (opinion)


  1. Storm water will make it there. Get the waterwings out Texas Brine! On the dings and thumps..for lack of an earthquake to blame..likely a big slough in. Oh for a fly over today….or good video from the ground. Either that or the Pres of Texas Brine ate beans last night…

  2. The 5:04 ding..looks to have started a little sooner at LA10..just a smidge..so may have started in that area first. Check it out.

  3. Was there a slough in on the south east side near LA12..rippling across to LA10? or was the biggest thump the HIT of the content from the LA10 side that showed up on LA12? . Either way, looks like a southern berm event.

    • UH..Crosstex..your caverns need to be checked….are they still there firmly in place..or slidings south? Oh for a good GPS reading of those areas….anyone got any? Recent?

      • I am waiting for a new Crosstex update to see how much butane they added! NO update since July 24 ….
        Got a draft of a great post all ready ….

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