Crosstex NEVER Did a Worst-Case-Scenario of a Cavern Fail at Bayou Corne!

They did a pipeline fail scenario INSTEAD!

We were looking at the Aug. 15, 2012 letter Crosstex sent to DEQ with that Worst-Case-Scenario plan to see if they ever did any updates since then. They didn’t.

But look at what they call a “scenario”!

They put it as a pipeline fail and only deal with 8,400 GALLONS of butane getting out of a pipe.
That is ONLY 266.6 BARRELS!!!



And, DEQ, you know it too!




24 thoughts on “Crosstex NEVER Did a Worst-Case-Scenario of a Cavern Fail at Bayou Corne!

  1. Just because the ground is apparently not subsiding beneath any of the two Butane caverns does not mean that the earth and the cavern’s soft salt walls are not being pulled by the nearby OXY3 subsidence.  How can people with such limited knowledge run this opperation?!  This sort of lack of basic knowledge has happened before.  Crosstex and the OXY3 “Blue Ribbon Commission” tries to razzle dazzle the public with these big scientific words and theories that just don’t cut-the-mustard.  They may even have to keep filling the Butane cavern(s) to deceive the public from realizing the cavern walls are already cracked. I know the cavern pressure should be monitored to detect any leaks.  Who verifies that the cavern pressure(s) have not been fudged?

    • I think they should pump some inert gas in to hold the walls up … something BESIDES butane! For Pete’s sake!
      [ I am still calling them Crosstex even though the co. merged and changed their name ]

  2. Anyone look at the Russian HOLES in the ground, from what they think is gas explosions..and gas..making its way to the surface? BOOM. There are three holes so far.

    • But I think the Russians said there is no casing or blast-edge type of a deal you get with an explosion.
      I think it was a downward melt-out of frozen peat exposed to warmer air or something. That dead grass ignites when exposed to air. But just a guess.

  3. Oh sneaky sneaky..CROSSTEX mentions HYROCARBONS–not GAS in their response! They need to change the wording and redo the whole darn paper. WHO in the word came up with that ringer?

    • hydrocarbos sound less…. sticky!
      And they just know nothing can happen to butane so deep in the ground, even half a million barrels, because … it’s …so…deep!

      • Ha, ha, ha, flyingcuttlefish!! I know as well as you that exposure to oxygen will blow everything sky high. They are playing with fire.

      • I know, I know!
        Their mantra is ‘liquid form’!
        And there are many ways air could get in there.
        And surely there is a place to park the stuff further away from the collapsed cavern!
        They claim to have 24/7 monitoring at Crosstx … but I am sure that’s another LIE!

      • See the link in my comment above for proof that just because it is in liquid form it will not come to the surface. Has anyone seen published volume calculations recetly for the sinkhole and the surrounding “subsidence” zone (sinking less than 10′)? Last ones I viewed showed a consistent 10% monthly growth in volume as the officials claimed that growth of the sinkhole was slowing and the situation was stabilizing. I hope that no one made the decision to buy property there based on the claim that the area was stabilizing.

      • huh: failure surface coincided with the plane of a fault (angle of the failure depression) ….
        I wonder if there is an unknown fault at Bayou Corne …

  4. Something telling me to keep a eye on LA-11 and LA-14 records

    Just where is the depth log for Oxy 3A the last one they had was in March 17, 2014.

    July 11, 2014
    12:10 p.m. Update from the Office of Conservation
    Containment/ Roads/ Sinkhole/Survey
    Logging Oxy 3 (working from Oxy 9 well pad)

    April 25, 2014
    9:35 a.m. Update from the Office of Conservation
    Conducting depth and pressure logging of Oxy 3A (working from Oxy 9 well pad)

    April 11, 2014
    1:40 p.m. Update from the Office of Conservation
    Conducting depth log on Oxy 3A (working from Oxy 9 well pad)

    April 2, 2014
    5:55 p.m. Update from the Office of Conservation
    Reducing pressure in Oxy 3A (working from Oxy 9 well pad)

    March 28, 2014
    11:50 a.m. Update from the Office of Conservation
    – Conducting depth log on Oxy Geismar 3A (working from Oxy 9 well pad)

    This the last report I have seen on Oxy 3A
    March 17, 2014
    12 noon Update from the Office of Conservation
    Texas Brine advised that the tagging of Cavern 3 (performed last Friday) was at 3,995′ (359′ from the cavern roof) which is 351′ drop from the tagging performed two weeks ago. As information becomes available, it will be shared here.

    • And I am waiting for the next ‘batch’ of (delayed) updates from DNR… like the Crosstex update.
      They haven’t anything since 7-24. And those they post all in a heap, several days’ worth put out in a batch, days old.

  5. When to know it time leave Assumption Parish and Bayou Corne when you see those people leaving Bayou Corne at a high rate of speed you know it too late.

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