Mon. & Tues. Frolics at Lake FUBAR

Someone is foolin’ with the helicorder settings!


A couple of big dings Monday night, after a day of wildness (scroll down to earlier post) and then after midnight they pulled a stunt!  frowny2



So we don’t expect real-time info from Lake FUBAR Tuesday.

AFTER 5:30 a.m. LA12 shows big activity – even though the helicorders are set on teensy-setting !!

A big ding at 3 p.m. showed up differently on the other helicorders. It was very big at the top of LA10 but not there at all on the bottom.



11 thoughts on “Mon. & Tues. Frolics at Lake FUBAR

  1. Check out LA 10 and the upper mid boreholes…THUMPER HAS STRUCK..or we have ignition Houston….check it out..lots of thumpers..Now if this is a mechanical thing done by Texas Brine..WHY? And if not…WHAT IS GOING ON???

    • those dramatic spikes are cultural noise (machine or such) nearby.
      They have that look.
      Quake Watch guy described it before.
      I think they have hoses and pumps to add water at times to force gas out. But just a guess.

      • What is bubbling up from that sinkhole and where is it coming from ?
        Aug 6, 2014 LA-12 recorder.

        How would you like to come across a stump that glow in the dark.
        It not first time i have seen it, you go camping and pull a old log near the campfire to sit on that night that log is glowing green.
        The name they have for this is Foxfire
        Some people call it fairy fire or Cold Fire light it’s bioluminescence.
        I say that sinkhole swamps got a lot of foxfire in it and in the water.

      • I didn’t know that… I thought glow in the dark effect was from luminous mushrooms on logs ….

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