Gulf Of Mexico Dead Zone Is As Large As Connecticut! < UPDATED

Strange Sounds – The Gulf of Mexico dead zone is huge!
Although it has shrunk this year, the Gulf of Mexico dead zone is still the size of Connecticut! Unbelievable!


Real Coastal Warriors – Red Tide Moves Close to Florida

Biggest red tide bloom killing marine life off Florida Gulf Coast

Red Tide is threatening Florida beaches with a devastating infestation that has not been seen in almost ten years. The incoming bloom has already killed tens of thousands of fish in the Gulf of Mexico, and is closing in on the coast. Red tide is scheduled to strike the mainland in around two weeks.

11 thoughts on “Gulf Of Mexico Dead Zone Is As Large As Connecticut! < UPDATED

  1. You have problems with roads sinking in Louisiana and sinkholes, we in East Tennessee have problems with rockslides on to Interstate and roads and sinkholes.
    Some of this rocks are big as a house or bigger.
    What do you do with all that rock from a rockslide where do you put it ?

  2. I remember that Ocoee River flume in Tennessee

    Repairs to historic Ocoee Flume Line under way rock slide destroys flume
    Section of Ocoee Line that supplies water to powerhouse hit by landslide last spring Posted Feb 19, 2011.

    With the repair of that flume it going to make a lot of whitewater rafters happy now, they can control the amount of water going down the Ocoee river.

  3. TO: Rick Bellinger
    I think Adamsville is a town in Hardin or McNairy counties

    You live in West Tennessee the Mississippi Delta region, and Middle Tennessee is where Nashville is.

    I live in East Tennessee
    There two chain of Mountains in East TN the Cumberland plateau and a big Valley and the Blue ridge Mountains or Great Smoky Mountains in East TN.

    I say you’re not far from where the Tennessee river come up from Mississippi into Tennessee from there into Kentucky.

    Where I live the elevation is 800 or 900 feet above sea level.

    The elevation of the Appalachian Plateau rises to 1,500 to 1,800 feet above sea level.
    I think i got that wrong ?

    The Blue Ridge Mountains the highest point in TN is Clingman’s Dome, at 6,643 feet above sea level.

    • That’s not good!
      West Nile – bio warfare lab connection:
      Off Long Island NY (near NYC) is Plum Island. The gov’t claims it is an ‘animal research center’. But everyone knows it is a germ warfare lab.
      The biggest real vet medicine center is upstate at Cornell Univ.
      Anyway everyone wants Plum Is. shut down as it is so near millions.
      They threw bio-contaminated secret trash outside. The seagulls got into it ias they like to do and flew a short distance across the sound to Conn. To West Nile, Conn..
      When birds started dropping dead there (earliest west nile disease reports) the CDC wouldn’t even respond. Local health officials had to pound the table to get help.
      West Nile Virus is a bio lab concoction that got loose.

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