Quake-N-Shake (no. 2)

Oopsie! We accidentally deleted today’s news!  The problem was there was big news from the parish blog but we accidentally re-blogged it to the FC blog instead of here. So …  (oops!).

Walter had a great comment with a 2013 news item –  12 more salt caverns with thin walls discovered near La. sinkhole

In a recap – at 2 a.m. the helicorders showed big fluid movement … but there was a big Mexico quake at that time. Slosh, slosh. slosh.

Of interest – Chile may be on brink of mega earthquake


12 thoughts on “Quake-N-Shake (no. 2)

    • I have some on the sidebar about the underground tests done in Miss. (in nuke category)
      (from yr link)
      Pendantic Skirt says:
      August 14, 2014 at 5:56 pm

      Have heard on many occasions of the heavy presence of homeland security in TN.

      Could there be a power struggle between the feds with unlimited grant writing authority and the governors , who are trying to stay autonomous?

      Did a random search of homeland security & a state.

      These states have actual home pages for dhs & the particular state, which implies to me they are in a position of power – CT, NY, TN, MO & MA.

      These states have links within their own state home pages for obtaining grants – TX, SC, AZ, CA & FL.

      === === === === === ===
      Maestro says:
      August 14, 2014 at 8:34 pm

      Couple of Tennessee tidbits…

      Oak Ridge, TN was created by the U.S. government as part of the Manhattan Project. Oak Ridge National Labs employ several thousand to this day.

      Tennessee governor Haslam’s family are billionaires who own the Pilot gas stations around the country. They were raided by the FBI and IRS about a year ago.

      Not sure that those tie together directly, but they do both highlight various aspects of the state’s Federal presence.
      Walter, please weigh in. Did you hear anything about this?
      Catbrid, Walter is out Tenn./OakRidge expert ….

  1. Was looking for the info Walter has posted on the Oak Ridge TN nuclear testing of which he has posted tons of info that does not appear to be searchable here.

    Glad to hear the suit has been settled and sure hope the people that suffered in LA are compensated.

    Since so much information on the TN nuclear bomb testing has been revealed, at least by Walter, were the citizens compensated for their exposure?

  2. Walter shared a lot of information on the devastating experiments done in TN. Did not appreciate the importance of this information at the time, but collectively the abundance of these crimes against humanity, should be stored in a vault for future generations.

    You added one link? where?

  3. Did a search the old fashioned way, clicking on the links in the archives and reading the comments, very certain Walter had specifics on testing done in TN, but it does not matter much now that we know we are all ginnie pigs in the made scientists experiments. Did find this –
    Walter 4/8/2013
    I have been exposed to more radiation then you could think of.
    List of military nuclear accidents
    I know of five criticality accident in Oak Ridge TN

    Never give a lot of creditability to wiki articles, but if this what they are willing to admit to, how much worse is it?

  4. Human radiation Experiments
    This is what they did to me in a public school in first grade.
    And there was fallout from atmospheric nuclear testing that came down in Oak Ridge TN that year.

    As far as U.S. Nuclear Accidents there been a lot of then in Oak Ridge TN.
    Most of them were very small doses.
    Radiation accidents and other events causing radiation casualties–tabulated data

    What is a Criticality accident

    This secret city was built by the Corp of Engineer.
    Secret Cities of the Atomic Bomb-Documentary-Part.1 Project X

    Part.2 Project X
    They keep calling me up trying to find out where Happy Valley was at in Oak Ridge TN and what I had found out about it.

    And Part.3 Project Y

    • Thanks Walter, this is some very scary stuff, but at least it is educational on how they can and do cover up their evil deeds.

      I had some kind of radiation treatment on my thyroid in the early seventies, guess I’ll never know what that was and will be taking a very high dose of thyroid medicine for the rest of my life.

  5. This is Y-12 National Security Complex web site.
    Click on Video Gallery or Photo Gallery

    This is what I have been looking for the experiments that Oak Ridge TN done or had done for NASA and tools in the 60’s.
    Even X-10 was working for NASA a joint thing in Oak Ridge TN role to the NASA programs.
    Nuclear fuel cell reactor battery a small nuclear reactor
    Radioisotope thermoelectric generator
    thermoelectric nuclear reactor
    small nuclear reactors as power sources for satellites 1960
    Oak Ridge TN Tower Shielding Facility experiments for NASA in 60’s manned space flights to survive the effects of the Van Allen Radiation Belt.

    And I was looking for the Graphite Reactor at X-10 as-well.
    The X-10 Graphite Reactor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, formerly known as the Clinton Pile and X-10 Pile

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