Oxy 2 Not in Such Good Shape Either + Fri. News

The AdvocateState calls for tests at second salt cavern after tremors

By David J. Mitchell
Days after work on the Bayou Corne sinkhole halted briefly due to increasing tremors, state regulators ordered Texas Brine Co. to stop production at a second salt dome cavern near the underground cavity that failed two years ago and spawned the sinkhole that has driven hundreds of people from their property.

Louisiana Conservation Commissioner James Welsh ordered Texas Brine on Monday to perform a round of tests to ensure the integrity of the massive underground cavity, known as Oxy Geismar No. 2, and develop a plan if problems are found.

The cavern under the microscope is a little more than the length of football field away from another cavity that Texas Brine mined until a breach in the supporting salt wall set off the underground shifting that eventually led to the sinkhole in August 2012.

ABC – (Aug. 13) $48 Million Settlement OK’d in Louisiana Sinkhole

A federal judge has granted final approval of a $48.1 million class-action settlement for Louisiana residents affected by a 37-acre sinkhole that opened two years ago has been swallowing land ever since.

U.S. District Judge Jay Zainey said Wednesday there were no objections to the settlement. It will compensate 269 people who lived in the Assumption Parish community of Bayou Corne. . . .

More from the Houston ChronicleJudge OKs $48.1M settlement regarding sinkhole

Phillips 66 is making a new gas storage salt cavern near Sweeny, Texas – good luck with that one!

(Aug. 11) Energy companies at risk of higher taxes in Louisiana
Louisiana tax assessors search salt caverns for more property taxes

” . . . The efforts of tax assessors have become particularly noteworthy. Assessors in a number of Louisiana parishes — including Ascension and St. Landry Parishes — are attempting to implement new methods to classify and value underground salt caverns used by energy companies to store natural gas and other petroleum products. “
” . . . . assessing the caverns at 15%, rather than the 10% used for land, of the fair market values of the natural underground storage facilities. . . “

Bulls Stirring on Heels of Lean Storage Data

Natural gas futures bounded higher Thursday following the release of government storage figures that were significantly less than what traders and analysts were expecting. . . .

Miss. – Big sinkhole develops on US 61 in Natchez < PHOTO (hope this is just water erosion and not anything worse!)


29 thoughts on “Oxy 2 Not in Such Good Shape Either + Fri. News

  1. Napoleonville caverns Oxy Geismar #2 cavern

    Just where is Oxy #2 cavern
    State calls for tests at second salt cavern after tremors.
    You could say they have turn those helicorser recorders off.
    They been doing depth testing from Oxy #9 well pad for Oxy #3 but they never gave just how deep the cavern is now.
    I think LA-21 recorder is for Oxy #2 cavern or is it LA-14 recorder.
    LA-11 recorder is for Oxy #9 and the three LA-10 recorder are for Oxy #3.

    This is for August 13, 2014 Assumption Parish Police Jury at 3:20 p.m. Update
    It talk about Oxy Geismar No. 2 well
    A copy of the directive is available on DNR’s Bayou Corne web page at
    I read that (3) On July 17, 2014 you should read that it talk about Oxy Geismar No. 2 well.

    • I guess they gotta test #2.
      The location is on the Maps page.
      That whole corner of the berms is sagging in…

  2. I was looking at the three Arkansas recorders that pickup this quake at 20:27 CDT time or 01:27 UTC time.
    The recorders for the sinkhole it did not pick it up.
    LA-10 surface and LA-10 mid borehole recorders I think they pick up a line of severe thunderstorm that came into Bayou Corne.
    At 12:04 and 12:06 CDT time and at 13:39 and 13:44 and at 14:00 and at 18:17

    I think this is the one that showed up on the Arkansas recorders.
    M3.8 – 13km NE of Cherokee, Oklahoma 2014-08-18 01:25:57 UTC
    How deep was it: depth=5.0km (3.1mi)

    • Thanks for the update.
      There was some medium quake activity out west yesterday and bigger than usual quakes from fracking in OK that were big enough maybe to affect Lake FUBAR.
      OR —
      Lake FUBAR is just doin’ its own thing without outside help.

  3. Iceland volcanic activity is increased with possible volcano showing severe quakes, 1000 yesterday. Wonder what this does to the Mid-Atlantic Rise are..and the Caribbean..and the GOM.

  4. what is the most reliable earthquake monitoring web site out on the web right now? I’ve been watching USCG website lately but makes me wonder if they give info like the helicorders do here.

  5. Trying to make a link with the Montana quakes and the Arkansas and Louisiana quakes on their recorders.

    Recent Earthquake Near Butte, Montana, United States
    Butte has had: (M1.5 or greater)
    1 earthquake today
    1 earthquake in the past 7 days
    4 earthquakes in the past month
    42 earthquakes in the past year

    Butte, Montana
    M1.5 – 3km SE of Butte, Montana2014-08-18 19:03:44 UTC
    depth=0.0km (0.0mi)
    And on one the Arkansas recorders

    This the LA-10 YC 03 : Bayou Corne, LA bottom borehole recorders
    There was movement on this recorder as well when that Montana happen.

      • The gas company did mine that salt from within salt dome.
        They injected fresh water in the salt dome and pumping out the salt water that how they made those cavern.

        I got that word wrong ‘magnetic’ it should be magma
        I am talking about what deep, way below the salt dome is a magma chamber that is what I think.
        And I think there magma chambers deep below the New Madrid fault zone as well.

      • OK.

        NOTE: everybody …. no blog updates since the weekend as I am fixing my computer and cleaning up dead files.
        News will get posted soon … so check comments meanwhile!

  6. Look at the three Arkansas recorder that has all those sinkhole recorder at this quake it began at 07:43 CDT time or 12:43 UTC time.

    I think this are more earthquake recorder for Louisiana I put the Station Code for this.
    143B HHZ N4 — : Socs Landing, Pioneer, LA, USA. Station Code: N4.143B

    Wilberts Farm, Edgard, LA, USA Station. Station Code: N4.545B
    Storozyszyn Site, DeRidder, LA, USA. Station Code: N4.441B
    Flagon Creek Properties, Pineville, LA, USA. Station Code: N4.342B
    Livingston, LA, USA. Station Code: LI.LTL never could get it to open.

  7. Walt looks like you found the sesmic ‘activity’
    that shut down the BayouCorne sinkhole..no wonder they are worried about Oxy2..and 3…sloshy.

  8. Oklahoma 4.2 eq, 4km depth, 12:41UTC time, and more 4 somethings, one Straits of Gabratar, Spain..and similar in Colombia South America…bells and chimes..ringing the old Madrid fault door bells.

    • yeah … and wait til Iceland blows … it will ring bells all over … ( I am back after major computer clean up ….since Sun.)

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