9:20 a.m. Reported Odor Being Investigated

Stay tuned ….

Assumption Parish Police Jury

Assumption OEP is currently investigating reports of a hydrocarbon-like odor in the Pierre Part community. This odor does not seem to be related to the sinkhole (no burp has taken place to produce such an odor). Updates will be provided accordingly regarding this situation.

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16 thoughts on “9:20 a.m. Reported Odor Being Investigated

  1. August 25, 2014 1:05 p.m. UPDATE
    After investigating, a source producing the odor mentioned in this morning’s post was not able to be located. If you experience an odor of this sort, we encourage you to contact OEP at 985-369-7386 so that it can be looked into further.

  2. I have personally noticed a petro like odor in the northern parts of UK but when I made an inquiry I was informed it was “a farming bacteriocide” like Iodoform, I do not believe that statement.

  3. I know that awful oder from the honey buckets and manure spreaders, Walter.
    Blast from the past.
    Gassed Louisiana sinkhole family human rights plea exposes coverup – New Orleans sinkhole | Examiner.com
    …methane eruption in modern history, according to John Kessler of Texas A & M University, one that might be impacting a growing number of south Louisiana residents. The leaking oil contains 40% methane, much higher than the usual 5%.

    “I live two miles away from the sinkhole, and when the wind is coming this direction you can smell it here,” Heilig commented. “Very strong. Almost makes you want to gag!”

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