Iceland Shakes – A LOT! < UPDATED


They say Iceland is calming down as far as that volcano goes – but there was 5.7 quake there today.

LATER – BBC: Iceland volcano: Magma moving towards new volcanic system

The magma from Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano could be moving towards another large volcanic system.

Data recorded by a team from the University of Cambridge suggests that 50 million cubic metres of molten rock has moved in the last 24 hours.

If it continues on a northern trajectory it could feed into the Askja volcanic system, potentially triggering a large eruption. . . .

Bardarbunga volcano rumbles to life following 5.7 magnitude earthquake: Eruption may disrupt air travel industry

They seem to be doing some work at Lake FUBAR making the usual machine noises on the helicorders. So wait til quittin’ time to see what is really happening.


Iceland calm down story has evaporated.


12 thoughts on “Iceland Shakes – A LOT! < UPDATED

  1. I’m pretty sure sulfur mixed with moisture reflects the sunlight.  This will cool the earth if the sulfur-moisture mixture is large enough. This is what lead to the year-without-a-summer in 1816.
    9/09/2014 — Volcano Tornado — Toxic Sulfur Diox…:
    Chemical Fact Sheets — Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
    Sulfur dioxide dissolves easily in water to form sulfuric acid.  Sulfuric acid is a major component of acid rain.  Acid rain can damage forests and crops, change the acidity of soils, and make lakes and streams acidic and unsuitable for fish.  Sulfur dioxide also contributes to the decay of building materials and paints, including monuments and statues… Most SO2 exposures are caused by people breathing contaminated outdoor air.  Therefore, limit your activities outdoors when you know that air pollution levels are high.

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