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At 1:37 a.m. there was fluid movement at Lake FUBAR. It shows on LA12‘s monitor.

We are watching the storm in the gulf.  NOAA:

Shower and thunderstorm activity associated with a weak low
pressure area located over the northwestern Gulf of Mexico has
increased during the past few hours. Some additional development is
possible before the system moves inland over southern Texas and
northern Mexico on Thursday.

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FLUID MOVEMENT AGAIN at 3:45 a.m.   heli_button .  Later some sloshing at LA10 –   might be from this this 5.2 Guatemala earthquake.

Aug. 23 – Geologists’ convention to draw 1,000 to Cajundome [Lafayette]

“Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in several one-day courses on topics ranging from reservoir fluid analysis, to advanced techniques for interpreting seismic data. There will also be field trips to locales including the Wax Lake Delta and the recently formed and expanding sinkhole at Bayou Corne, as well as a chance to see how Lafayette’s population growth is impacting policies related to local land and water use. Short courses and field trips will take place the weekend before the convention, and all are led by recognized experts from academia and the petroleum and environmental industries.”

TRIP #3: The Use of Louisiana Salt Domes and Associated Geological Difficulties — Exploration, Production, and Storage

St. John Parish – Deadly, brain-eating amoeba found in Louisiana water system

Utah – Magnum Awards Boart Longyear Drilling Contract for Natural Gas Liquids Storage Project

BoartLongyear, the world’s leading integrated exploration drilling services, equipment and performance tooling provider, has been awarded a contract on August 1, 2014 for drilling services at the Magnum NGLs (Natural Gas Liquids) Storage Projectat central Utah’s Western Energy Hub.

Magnumis building the first underground salt cavern NGLs storage facility in the Rocky Mountain region at the site, located 10 miles north of Delta.Development will include the construction of solution-mined storage caverns in a salt domeapproximately 3,000 feet below the natural surface.Initially, thefacility will featuretwo caverns each capable of storing between 1 and 2 million barrels (mmbbl) of natural gas liquids (NGLs) such as propane and butane. . . .



7 thoughts on “Wed. & Thurs. News

  1. I have been watching this for the past two or three days when it first started and on the Arkansas recorder as well and LA-17.

    The LA-10 bottom borehole recorder is set so low it hard to see anything on them.
    This are set to low LA-11 , LA-14 , what can I say there all set to low.
    LA17 HHZ YC 02 : Bayou Corne Well 3, 185m, LA you can see some fluid movement .

    LA21 EHZ YC — : Bayou Corne LA you could say they turn this one off.
    That where Oxy Geismar 2 cavern is at I think.

  2. Iceland looks like it might be about to kick off.

    Lava from Baroarbunga has travelled over 40km underground through a fissure it has formed to Askja volcano, which is now showing signs of unrest also.

    Baroarbunga on Orange alert,. Askja on Yellow alert.

    • I know … magma on the march!
      Got that headline added….
      G00gle is busy scrubbing headlines about Iceland!

  3. The fissure has started erupting during the night. The caldera at Baroarbunga continues to creak with a number of earthquakes indicating “settling” of the caldera roof as the lava empties from it. This may be the end, or just the beginning. Eyjafthingymagig started with a small fissure eruption.

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