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Fluid movement after 9 a.m. this morning. LA12 shows it.

Attorney, Stuart Smith – Progress for the people of Louisiana

One of the major themes I’ve been writing about frequently in the last year is the rising environmental movement in Louisiana. To be clear, my home state already boasted some fierce fighters for environmental justice, like Marylee Orr and her Louisiana Environmental Action Network, or the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, doing battle with dirty chemical plants. But the shock of recent events such as the BP oil spill and the Bayou Corne sinkhole has caused a lot more people to wake up, and they’ve rallied behind movements like Gen. Russel Honore’s “Green Army.” . . .

Texas Brine put out  a fact sheet about how they plug wells.



Lake FUBAR – Crazy Since Last Saturday

Heli_ANINo let up in seismic activity all week!

NOW – LA12 konked out(!) — after it had been showing some of the bigger activity this week. Scroll down for more charts and see comments for Friday’s activity and more reports from readers.



The OTHER helicorder from Iris shows lots of activity at LA12 today.  From noon until 11 p.m. Friday it showed a ton of activity too.

LA17 badly affected too.

Water scarcity concerns grow from use of fracking

Thurs. News + Big Alaska Quake + Victory for Save Lake Peigneur


Crazy amounts of seismic activity and fluid movement continue at Lake FUBAR. Officials still mum.

Here is LA12 this morning:





The USGS is hiding the big Argentina quake yesterday. Now there is a big 6.2 quake up in Alaska. It is today, but the time in UTC seems all wrong. It is not yet 5 p.m. CST.

Sinkholes Open, Swallow Fortunes in Costly Game of Subterranean Roulette

NOLA Defender Russel Honoré Goes One on One With Al Gore < has video, Bayou Corne mentioned at 7 min. mark

LINK –  http://youtu.be/3YZAagP0PAE

Wed. – Save Lake Peigneur wins its lawsuit  smile2  smile2  smile2

NEW IBERIA – Judge Keith Comeaux of the 16th Judicial District Court based in New Iberia reversed the decision of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (LDNR) to issue a Coastal Use Permit to Jefferson Island Storage & Hub for its proposal to construct and operate two natural gas storage caverns in the Jefferson Island Salt Dome under Lake Peigneur.
The court agreed with the plaintiffs that the LDNR should not have issued the permit without first finding out that the project would not unreasonably endanger public safety and that the location had foundation conditions sufficiently stable to support the use.

About Lake Peigneur

Further, the court ruled that the LDNR decision violated its Constitutional duty as public trustee of the environment under Article IX, section 1 of the Louisiana Constitution because it did not do an environmental impact analysis of the potential impacts of the project. . . .

6.2M Quake in Argentina Wed.

It happened at 6:16 a.m. CST. Report, MAP  It is not far from Bolivia (not down at the south of the country where there have been offshore quakes this week). G00gle News is blocking all stories about it.

Argentina Earthquake Today 2014: Terremoto Strikes East of Bolivia

“USGS indicates to news that a 6.2 magnitude Argentina earthquake began today 9/24/14 just after 8:16 am local time. The quake was deep however. USGS tell news that the quake started one hundred seventeen miles below ground level. As a result the impact of the quake was limited to a localized area. Officials tell news the quake was twenty-nine miles northwest of San Antonio de los Cobres. It was west of San Salvador de Jujuy, and roughly five hundred miles southeast of La Paz, Bolivia.”

The Watchers – Strong and deep M6.2 earthquake hits Argentina

It is in an active area –

LINK – http://youtu.be/PT5JIcDcsN4

NOTE: Lake FUBAR helicorders are going bananas like Saturday. They never did calm down.

Tuesday News

The helicorders have been crazy since Saturday. Scroll down for charts and the map of helicorder locations. No let up at all. The helicorder at Temporary, AR is also going off. The cause is a mystery. OK is still getting very large magnitude frack quakes that may affect the whole region.

Nanometrics should be called Micro-Nano-Teeny-Tiny-Metrics! They keep setting the helicorders on finer and finer settings to minimize big dings, dangs and slides in Lake FUBAR.
Memo to Canada: It’s NOT working!

We happen to have SUPER ZOOM!



We can show the big =DING= at LA21 … isolated and not showing anywhere else at 8:18 this morning.

Methane watch – For the first time in thousands of years, warm water is flowing into the Arctic Ocean

Pipeline Safety Story Censored

Alabama Censorship over Local Newspaper
By Nicolas Walker

A state court judge in Alabama prevented the Montgomery Advertiser from publishing a story about Alabama Gas Corp.’s utility plan for gas line safety. The information had been released by the Alabama Public Service Commission after an open records request.

. . . . Algasco owns hundreds of miles of pipelines and server around 425,000 customers in central Alabama. The Montgomery Advertiser had printed an article saying that it had requested a copy of the company’s Distribution Integrity Management Plan on Wednesday. In response, Algasco claimed that such a document had been released with no required notification to the company and that it contained safety-related information. Judge Vance temporarily prevented the Advisor from writing about the issue, claiming that there was a reasonable chance that the document not be made public.

In response, the newspaper refused any request made by Algasco to return the document.

According to the newspapers lawyers, judge Vance’s ban represents an unprecedented unconstitutional restraint and that the information is already available publicly. Executive Editor Tom Clifford told reporters that the bulk of the document was already available on Algasco’s website.

In return, the utility company claimed that certain details could not be released as they would endanger public safety (according to them, they show precise locations of critical gas infrastructure). They added that preventing the Advisor from printing those details represented a matter of homeland security and as such, falls under the Alabama law.


Alagasco sues Advertiser to stop use of pipe safety plan

Kala Kachmar, Montgomery Advertiser

Alabama Gas Corporation has taken legal action to attempt to stop the Montgomery Advertiser from publishing or writing about the company’s document that outlines a plan to ensure the safety of gas pipes.

The document, Alagasco’s Distribution Integrity Management Plan (DIMP), was obtained in June through a public records request to the Alabama Public Service Commission (PSC), which oversees the state’s utilities….

….. The Advertiser’s use of the document is part of a national USA Today investigation that examines the dangers of cast iron pipes, which when corroded can cause gas leaks, fires and explosions. According to federal data, Alagasco has about 833 miles of cast iron main gas lines, which is the highest of any gas company in Alabama and ninth highest in the country….


Item sent in –
in S. Louisiana the pipelines
have clear markings like this: