Fluid Movement at Lake FUBAR, Iceland Blows

Some grumbles started Tues. night at 11 p.m. and continued today. Small 15 to 20 min. long sloshing is seen on LA12 monitor.



O.K. – we GIVE UP! What is this???

LA12Sept3_2014It shows well also in Temporary, Arkansas too. It may be this 2.4 Missouri earthquake. USGS only features 2.5 and above on their list. There are quite a few medium quakes across the United States today.  Napa area aftershocks, Arizona, Idaho etc….

AFTER MIDNIGHT: 1 A.M. fluid movement for about 20 min..

RSOE map


There she blows! Incredible photographs capture Bardarbunga spewing lava 30 metres into the air during dramatic eruption



9 thoughts on “Fluid Movement at Lake FUBAR, Iceland Blows

  1. Iceland volcano is keeping active, slowing a bit, but active. Video is impressive, lava shooting up to 120 meters or so. The quakes in South America, circling the plate..may cause more earthquakes in the northern area. Translation..sloshing in Bayou Corne..

    Wonder why TB doesnt put up video of the sinkhole? That would quiet rumors..right? Because they have not..just makes us all think the worse!!!

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