Weekend News


Something sloshed at 2:30 Saturday –

LA12 shows it.

Maybe it was this big 5.9 Mexico quake. It is on the Pacific side.

We haven’t had anything recently about The Shaw Group (aka CB&I ) lately. Here’s something – They are Fukushima contractors –
[VID ]   LINK –  http://youtu.be/14M4oWTFR8s

Aug. 27 – Trial Lawyer Group – Louisiana residents receive $48 million in class action settlement after they were forced to evacuate homes due to salt dome mine sinkhole

This Florida sinkhole news story has interesting video that shows aerial survey over Bayou Corne (first video in the set).

Aug. 29 – Growing Chinese appetite ignites U.S. methanol renaissance

” . . .  Louisiana will soon become home to two Methanex units, capable of producing 1 million metric tons of methanol each per year. The units are being taken apart apart in Chile and moved to Louisiana, where they will be reassembled and re-started. One is slated to come online at the end of this year while another should start operations in 2016, Nash said.
LyondellBasell in January said it restarted a Gulf Coast methanol plant, which had been shut down a decade earlier because natural gas prices were too high. Now that gas prices have fallen again, LyondellBasell jumped at the opportunity to add new capacity at a much lower price than building a new plant, company officials said.
The plant, capable of producing 780,000 tons of methanol per year, added 24 new jobs to the company’s complex in Channelview. . . . ”   (Maybe this price info explains why Crosstex keeps adding butane to their cavern. )

USA seems to be rushing to dig its own grave in these help-China deals – FC


2.4 quake in Texas, near Dallas just before 6 a.m. CST.

After midnight –  DNR has a chance to demonstrate they are indeed monitoring Bayou Corne by fixing the surface LA1o helicorder that konked out Friday afternoon. If they leave it broken/disconnected today (day 4 of outage) we’ll all know their compliance with the Emergency Declaration from “who cares?” Jindal is bunk.

8 thoughts on “Weekend News

    • yes, it seems forbidden to talk about the tipping point….
      Coulda, shoulda, woulda ten or fifteen years ago might have helped.
      Where I live the beach is full of bleached coral but when you try and point it out to people they turn deaf.
      BP & Shell are helping speed things up along with Westinghouse.

  1. WEEKEND ASTEROID FLYBY: 2014 RC, Miss Distance from earth 0.1 LD it size 19 m on Sept. 7, 2014

    Sunday, a house-sized asteroid named “2014 RC” will fly through the Earth-Moon system almost inside the orbit of geosynchronous satellites.
    Notes: LD means “Lunar Distance.” 1 LD = 384,401 km, the distance between Earth and the Moon.

  2. Something happening at LA10 upper and middle helicorders. Is this a broken device..or do we have a slough in? Would be nice to have a fly over. No way to tell what kind of mess is out there..bigger?

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