Henning Kemner on Yellowstone & BP Damage to the Gulf

And now for some cheery news ….

Nature Runs Amok at Yellowstone

LINK –  http://youtu.be/yV2yl0wheTA

(from July)

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11 thoughts on “Henning Kemner on Yellowstone & BP Damage to the Gulf

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      • In German there is a Super-Volcano
        Volcanic field Eifel Volcanic Field

        The Supervolcano That Can Devastate Europe Is Showing Signs of Awakening
        This was in 2012

        The supervolcano is located under the Laacher See, a caldera lake in the Eifel mountain range, 15 miles from Koblenz and 30 miles from Bonn, the old capital of West Germany.
        If I remember right there was a small eruption about 200 years a-go there.
        Eifel/Germany – Explosive Geology

      • I saw a title about that on the sidebar of the Kemner vid. Germany and Yellowstone in a competition. I thought you misspelled “sea” but they really call it see.

      • The German language is not the same as our language for one the German alphabet and German vowels.
        After WW-2 the Germany people ask the American people to send them cereal or grain the American send them corn.
        There was a translation arrow from German to English
        The Germans people they couldn’t use the corn is notably lacking in nutrient, that what you feed pigs.

      • Nixon’s first big plum as beginner in politics in CA was representing American distillers who wanted to divert US grain from famine relief for post-war Europe to themselves. They won.

  2. What about if Yellowstone eruption or if it’s a small eruption.
    YouTube – Yellowstone Super Volcano Alert – History Channel

  3. Large quakes continue under the lid of the caldera at Bardarbunga. A “slow motion” caldera collapse seems to be taking place, with over 20M drop to an area 4km * 6km.

    It’s very much a wait & see game, but with numerous 4.5-5M quakes a day now taking place and a huge drop in the caldera already it’s hard to see how this can end in a good way!

    • I just added an item to the Louisian Sinkhole Bugle page.
      But to look it up I notice G00gle News is now hiding all headlines when you do a search on “Iceland”.
      They give reports on how Uggs are selling and soccer scores. You have to get to page 2 or 3 to get the volcano news (!!!!).

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