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New Orleans Times-PicayuneBayou Corne sinkhole: Texas Brine seeks permit to discharge wastewater at site, residents speak out < that paper has huge readership!

” . . . Greg Miller, a geologist hired by Cotten’s firm as a consultant, said the permit application “totally ignores” that discharging wastewater into the sinkhole could contaminate a usable groundwater source that exists between the water’s surface and the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer. . .  “

The Bugle also says this: “a HUGE thank you to the GreenARMY for their representation and support in opposition to this illegal request. A big shout out to those who made the very long drive here from all parts of the state to be in Napoleonville to support us… Nara Crawley, Glo Conlin, Cheryl Perret, Darryl Malek-Wiley and Wilma Subra were not only being there for support, but stepped up to the podium to verbalize their opposition to this travesty.”

Iceland news is really scary – Sinking Iceland volcano raises flood worries


We will watch the weather next week as some big storms west of Florida may come across to the Gulf coast. There will be live updates on the right sidebar in the NOAA’s RSS feed.

STANDBY – Parish Blog has a scary update … (see above ).






3 thoughts on “Wed. & Thurs. News

  1. Reading the article and other associated articles, discovered the Bayou Corne sink hole is now 32 acres. And that “assurances from the company and DNR that Bayou Corne faces no further risk of sloughing into the earth ” to which they should add “because we wont tell anyone its happened.” Was not aware of the 32 acres..there have been NO releases from the State, the parish or Texas Brine recently. Thought TB at least had reporting REQUIREMENTS from the state…oh well…TB is praying they get everyone to sign off, allowing them to POST a big sign saying everything is back to normal..BYE BYE. They will be the ones going faster than 70 in a 35 mph zone as they “get out of Dodge.” The only ones keeping an eye on the situation are the people who are still living there..the innocent victims.

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