More on Texas Brine’s Waste (Toxic) Water Dump Plan

The AdvocateTexas Brine’s plans to discharge water into sinkhole draws concerns < has good graphic

Texas Brine Co.’s push for a five-year state permit to discharge salty groundwater with traces of benzene and toluene into the Bayou Corne-area sinkhole has drawn concerns from environmentalists and landowners near the swampland hole in Assumption Parish.

From Texas Brine –



Sent in:

To those who wish to voice their opposition,

DEQ will be accepting comments until 4:30 pm CST, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2014.

Email your comments to DEQ.PUBLICNOTICES  ‘at’   LA.GOV

FAX to (225) 219-3309

Be sure to add the following at the top of your comments and put it in the “subject” portion of your email to make double sure that it gets in the right place: AI Number 182981, Permit Number LA0126917, and Activity Number PER20140001.

Here is what diligent resident, Mike Schaff has to say:

To:    Ms. Peggy Hatch
Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality
Re:    AI Number 182981, Permit Number LA0126917, and Activity Number PER20140001, Texas Brine, LLC,

MS. Hatch,
I would like to begin by reminding you of your department’s Mission Statement: “To provide service to the people of Louisiana through comprehensive environmental protection in order to promote and protect health, safety and welfare…”
I’ve lived in Assumption Parish my entire life. For more than century prior to the mid 1960’s, my family and our ancestors drew water from the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer (MRAA) for our potable water needs. With the advent of solution mining in the late 50’s, this water source slowly deteriorated to the point where we were required to find a new source for our water requirements.

That new source, purification of water from the Mississippi River via Bayou Lafourche, has failed us many times over the past few decades. In just the past two years since the sinkhole occurred, we’ve received several letters AFTER THE FACT that our water supply did not meet the required standards the month PRIOR to the letter being issued.

The point here is that man has not been very successful in trying to construct filters as efficient as Mother Nature has done herself.  We must not consider this aquifer a lost cause due to man’s voracious appetite for our finite resources. We MUST protect what little water supplies that we have… we must never let our decisions be made on what is more cost effective in the short term, but on what needs to be done to reverse the effects of the damages caused by this industry.

Keeping in mind that the sinkhole is directly connected to the aquifer, by allowing Texas Brine to return waste water from these vent wells is akin to allowing BP to skim the oil from the Gulf of Mexico and then dumping it back in the Gulf in a different location since it would not affect the quality of the water prior to skimming. This is ludicrous.

I ask you this question, Ms. Hatch, would you allow this waste water to be dumped into the Southern Hills aquifer in Baton Rouge? Would Texas Brine allow this waste to be trucked back to Texas and dumped into their own aquifers?

I think we know the answer to both of those questions. You would not allow it, as well you should not, we here in Bayou Corne and Assumption Parish demand that you not allow it here either.

The actions, inactions, statements and example that your department has set over the past 29 months in regard to the Bayou Corne / Grand Bayou manmade human environmental disaster has led to an extreme mistrust by most of us in the community of DEQ and the other state agencies. This is a chance for you to begin to heal those wounds… a chance for you to abide by your Vision Statement: “To be a respected steward of the State's environment.”

We respectfully request that you deny this permit application and have Texas Brine dispose of their waste water in an environmentally sound fashion by industries set up and properly licensed to deal with such wastes or by filtering and treating this water through industrial systems as required by all other members of industry in our state.

For the environment,

Mike Schaff
Resident of Paradise Stolen
Bayou Corne, Louisiana


 Scroll down to Sept. 8 to see earlier post on the meeting with more info.

16 thoughts on “More on Texas Brine’s Waste (Toxic) Water Dump Plan

  1. From Assumption Parish Police Jury

    September 11, 2014
    8:55 a.m. Update from the Office of Conservation
    The Office of Conservation and Assumption Parish Incident Command are reporting that seismic monitoring early Tuesday detected a brief period of increased seismic activity that appears to have been located in or near the eastern wall of the original Oxy Geismar 3 cavern. Though the number of micro-seismic events was elevated for several minutes, the number and strength were lower than have been witnessed in previous major events, and quickly diminished. Conservation and Assumption Parish Incident Command will continue to monitor the situation and advise the public of any developing concerns.

    What do I say how would they know at all what those seismic monitoring are doing the ones that are working are set way to low for now, and they’re a lot of them that not working at all.
    There not one of those Oxy Geismar 3 cavern recorders working the LA-10’s.

  2. Great letter, says it all! In the late 1980s they spilled a huge amount of Toluene into the Mississippi River, source of New Orleans water, which smelled strong enough in New Orleans water to knock people over and told people it was safe to bathe in and I think to drink as well. Anyone with a bit of money was getting Kentwood water delivered to their door. But, the average poor person was stuck drinking the stuff. According to a New Zealand biochemist doing research there, more generally speaking, they didn’t even test the water for what he called the “nasties” or heavy metals. Uranium and Plutonium are heavy metals too. Surely they didn’t and don’t test New Orleans water for all of the radionuclides coming out of the nuclear power plants on the Mississippi and the uranium processing facilities with stored depleted uranium up on the Ohio and even the South Dakota uranium mining is upriver of the Mississippi. The Mississippi comes right out where the oil spill was, which means that the wildlife was probably already weakened from radiation. People actually fish out of the Mississippi River too! Terrible place to get water. I was noticing that in the UK, it is taking one or two years for the Scottish EPA to “agree” with the UK military (MoD) and other nuclear facilities on how much radiation they have leaked! Until they agree they don’t post it! Check out the “Smoke School” blog about Rollins Environmental Services allegedly burning rad waste in N. Baton Rouge without even filters and what happened when the DEQ tried to stop it!

      • That certainly looks like a fun and important book! You have me pegged alright! You just reminded me that if Scotland leaves, not only will Catalonia but northern Italy and/or Venice will try to leave. I wish I could read as quickly as you do. I am still obsessed with Westminster, since you brought it up. The House of Lords looks like Mardi Gras carnival. Comus was the old New Orleans elites. They didn’t want the new oil CEOs, etc., so then in the oil boom you got Bacchus and Endymion. The current House of Lords is people who were or are CEOs, like of BP. So, BP is in he House of Lords and headquarters less than one mile from House of Lords! EDF also in Westminster. Another Lord (David Clark) works for Sellafield. The new Lords have pushed out the hereditary ones, most of whose ancestors would have bought their titles anyway a few hundred years ago. The real buying of titles seems to have started in the time of Louis XIV of France (probably UK copied). There has always been some buying of titles since the 1300s I think. I still don’t understand the whole system though. Do they buy their titles or they get their titles for doing something for the gov or crown?
        If you are knighted do you always get in the House of Lords? Did you see where Greg Palast alleges that the former head of BP – Lord Browne of something or another, was active in bribing a govt official elsewhere. Don’t know if this explains his getting a Lordship. He occupies a very important place in govt. Some of the Lordship names are rather hysterically funny.

      • I think this lord thing is an inherited land thing. It comes up with Downton Abbey tv discussions. The extensive lands were great at beginning of industrial age but at the height … I guess after 1910 or so … the big shot land holders got stretched thin and then you had the great estates fall into decline but land sale/breaking up the estate was forbidden. So they had all the trappings of former greatness without the staff, gardeners etc.
        Made fun of in Evelyne Waugh novels and such.

      • … and … I find cleaning that floor frenzy before the wedding to be motivated by occult ritual.
        It had a great carpet etc. before that was more than suitable for formal occasions. If BBC didn’t do a segment on it you’d never know there was a ‘sacred’ floor there.

  3. Yes, that’s just the thing! It was like that. Poor nobles used to marry rich business people too in order to save their property. Now they have made it where few of the hereditary nobles can sit in the House of Lords. Most are appointed “life peers”. House of Lords is so overcrowded they are asking older ones to leave. It’s the most ridiculous thing. My first brush with the bought lordships was working with an old letter that alleged a kinship to a lord prior to the 1500s. The only lord I found of the name was a much later descendent of a Dutch merchant who got a lordship in the 1700s. I never, ever, got to the bottom of it either, though I learned a lot of history. They must have come in with William of Orange. (I’m starting to think that the Dutch are the ones who have caused the most trouble rather than the Vikings. Dutch are big in nuclear enrichment). Actually it’s not the first because it’s in Moliere’s plays and in French Civ where Louis XIV sold titles to the bourgeoisie and the guy in Moliere tries to train the newly rich guy in phonetics and he ends up making him say eeee-ooooo faster and faster until he sounds like an ass! The lords didn’t pay taxes so buying a lordship made for a good business deal, I think. Anyway, the thing is that now the Lords and Dames are not from high classes. I always wondered with Baroness Thatcher because she was of lower middle class origins. The former head of BP “Lord Browne” became a Lord ca 1998 after 22 years at BP and a father working at BP. Greg Palast alleges that Browne was involved in bribing a country for BP oil interests in the early 1990s. This isn’t Gordon Brown but Lord Browne of Madingly (?). The current head of environment for the UK is a woman born in India whose claim to fame is having had a failed hosiery shop on High Street at age 19 (suggesting little education) and afterwards went into some sort of service sector work (it appears to be home health but I can’t tell). She’s the one running around inspecting the Dounreay Scotland site and Sellafield and telling everyone nuclear is great. That’s “Baroness Verma”. Also, there’s a fairly recent “Lord David Clark of Windermere” with a rather unspectacular origin who serves on the board of Sellafield and the Lake District Park. As the child of a Chemistry Professor, I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you that nuclear is complicated even for those who studied chemistry and/or physics at university! It’s not like you need a degree of any sort to know nuclear’s bad but to have someone like that inspecting the cleanup sites and promoting nuclear is scary and weird. How can an uneducated woman from India determine the future of the English Lake Districts? I’m pretty certain that India wouldn’t allow this! They appear the only ones doing serious research into the genetic dangers of nuclear. Someone said that they had found the lackeys being lower class status seeking hangers-on. Since Bush is upper class I had kind of doubted but this woman and Obama seem to support it. I did find a Verma who is head of some oil company. Maybe there is a tie-in. I don’t know how these people are getting the lordships – but it must involve something sleazy IMO.

    For the floor. I would be surprised at nothing. Do you know the jumping the broom tradition? Speaking of marriage and floors made me think of that .

  4. Never heard of that. Sounds like the Greg Palast book on Vultures. I guess that makes sense for when she was 19 yrs old. She was probably pretty cute then. She’s still cute for age 60 but rather chubby for a mistress. She’s also married with kids. English and French princes and kings never minded mistresses that were married. You think she’s still the mistress of someone important on the side? Or, just that’s how she might have gotten her foot in the door? That would give service sector a different sense, wouldn’t it? Lord Browne is interesting on that account. He’s gay so could be the mistress of a lot of people! Because of the traditions of all male boarding schools homosexuality-bisexuality is supposed to be very prevalent among the UK elite. That reminds me of a funny story where a French secretary threw a spiked high heel at another secretary who could do nothing because the one with the spiked heels was the mistress of an important French Minister. For Dana I think that it’s so interesting that he’s hooked up with Jeff Rense and Yochi Shimatzu. You know that Rense was talking about Area 51 (?) about 10 years before the govt. admitted its existence.

    • about Brit boarding schools … looking for a quote for you from Financial Vipers book (whole book traces the story of hermeticism proponent, Giordano Bruno (1600s) who was burned at the stake.
      Part 2 is on triptych of Vedic religion
      Brahma creates
      Vishnu preserves
      Shiva destroys
      compared to
      father creator
      son redeemer
      holy spirit sanctifier
      compared to early finance metaphor

      Alchemists were early logic philosophers and a threat to the church in those days.
      Anyway it’s a good book. I could find a quote on line but found the author has a website.

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