Oil & Aquifers Don’t Mix!

With all of this destructive fracking everywhere using up lots of water and depositing their toxic wastes in lots of water we wonder what the heck is going on.

And we just found out nuke plants use immense amount of water every day and they return it to nature devoid of all life. Who knows what that does? And we didn’t know the Great Lakes are rapidly becoming a big nuke plant cooling pool.

Now Texas Brine wants a rush-through permit to dump in Bayou Corne. Where they have already endangered the Mississippi Alluvial Aquifer.

Then we heard, on an unrelated video (about Ukraine destabilization) that maybe what they want is to wreck all the aquifers they can.  The super rich are hell bent on privatizing water across the land and they hold the keys to the tap. If they can wreck fresh, free water they make lots more on their hellish scheme!

Listen for yourself (after 1:32 mark) –

LINK – http://youtu.be/D-7bvu1UQco


One thought on “Oil & Aquifers Don’t Mix!

  1. Check this out: http://www.fliuch.org/2520/data
    It’s a group fighting privatization by Irish Water.
    In rainy Ireland they should put buckets on the roof, but don’t see that on the fliuch off blog. They are doing that in Haiti for cheap. The thing is if the companies would really clean the water it would help. People have recently complained that they are supposed to pay a fortune for their water in Ireland and then not drink it because it has lead from the lead pipes! But, the privatization thing has been going on for over 20 years, at least. It’s not got to do with cleaning the water, but forcing people to pay for often unclean water. I recall sitting through a presentation by, I think, Suez water and maybe Veolia’s ancestor (forget the name, must be l’Eau de France), 25 years ago. I think Suez was the first private water co. in the world. Need to research them. Interesting because 35 plus years ago they said you should only drink bottled water in France. I think the French really (re) started the whole bottled water fad. They don’t really know yet how to clean the water and have been trying to privatize and sell the water anyway. It’s hard to tell which is more unsafe – bottled water or tap water. Some bottled water is really supposed to be from deep, deep aquifers. Other is municipal water having undergone reverse osmosis. At Fukushima the various water companies are tied into the nuclear industry and won’t let non-nuclear water filter people try to do anything. Nuclear companies have been getting paid without filtering the water much at all at Fukushima!

    If that is their plan, and it may well be, it’s poorly thought through (as usual). People can buy their own filters for pretty cheap. What will they do when all plants and animals are dead? I read about the experimental biodome on wiki and it had problems with dangerous build-ups of toxic gases.

    It’s also important to recall that Russia is the biggest country in the world and has laid the environment to waste with oil, mining, and the nuclear industry. They and the Japanese and the French are the biggest nuclear pushers. Rosatom is all gov owned.

    Have you been to some deep aquifers that become bottled water, where they have an intake lock to keep people from poisoning it? It’s more than metaphor.

    One thing to bear in mind is that heavy metals like uranium and lead give water a sweet taste. Probably why New Orleans used to win contests for water tasting good. Texas water may be tasty with their uranium mining.

    Hard water actually coats the pipes so it’s not so much of a problem to have lead pipes, unless you are some place with soft water, like Louisiana. Hard water also would impact some radionuclides. Probably the carbonate would help remove uranium from your body, not sure.

    What I find so scary is former Goldman Sachs investment bankers doing nuclear waste for profit-investment, as is the case for Energy Solutions! I feel very unoptimistic. The game plan there is simply to do the dumping on the cheap and to hell with clean water. I think it’s really the game plan for the fracking – let someone else worry later. I think they must all hate their children and not believe in heaven or hell. It’s really extra strange that Japanese and Jewish people who put such importance on ancestors would be involved in this. If they kill everyone off who will ancestor worship the Japanese?

    In general, I agree with your point, however (no surprises as your points are always well thought through). They want to come up with schemes of constant consumers and lock people into the money economy. Those locked into the money economy can’t speak up for fear of losing their jobs. Taking away home ownership and forcing people to rent smaller and smaller spaces for higher and higher prices is one example. Also, forcing people to buy health insurance and determining who has the money or not. One girl in Switzerland was about 40,000 dollars in debt and credit ruined her early 20s, not from education, nope. She was in debt because she couldn’t afford the required insurance which the Swiss gov said she had to buy! In Switzerland you are an adult at age 15 and the insurance is pricey. Obama care is the same. Of course, if you are an asylum seeker you get free housing, free insurance, everything for the years it takes to process you.

    They are clearly pushing nuclear because it requires constant investment by everyone. The most radical thing that anyone can do is to opt out of the system and grow your own food, etc. But, you have to figure out how to pay tax outside of homestead exemption states.

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